Friday, May 29, 2015

What is Your Zumba Gem?

This post is by Dana, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!

Being a Zumba instructor and part of the ZIN community is an amazing experience and there is a wealth of knowledge right at our fingertips. The resources out there are packed with great information: exactly-what-you-need precisely when you need it! It can also be overwhelming; with everything available to us around the clock it's easy to spend hours upon hours reading posts, getting and giving advice and crafting countless choreographies for new music!

Personally, I love reading the message boards and perusing the Zumba Facebook groups for helpful conversations, advice and, let’s face it, sometimes a good laugh! It is nice to know that there is someone in the same boat that you are in.
...Yes, the entire class has dropped to the floor when I went to tie my shoes too.
...Yes, I have tripped and slipped over my own pants just like you.
...And yes, my music has also stopped right in the middle of a song, paralyzing me to the point of having to start all over.
The other day I saw this hysterical video in a ZIN Facebook group referencing the dynamic facial expressions that we portray when we teach (much like this post about the faces we make!). This duo captured on film the excitement and passion that we exude and OMG it was SO funny (I watched it several times and laughed each and every time)! I could totally relate - when I was recently captured on film I saw how my students view me, and it looks just like what I saw on Facebook!

Photo credit:

I sort of felt better after watching the video as I realized that I can’t be the only over-the-top-bursting-with-joy and excitement type of Zumba instructor out there! What it boils down to is that our ZIN community and camaraderie is really something special and there are resources out there for everyone to use for support and guidance (and a chuckle).

It's important to get involved in the community whether it’s through social media, utilization of resources on, reading The Z Beat or just showing up and engaging with other instructors at local events.  Check out a few of the ZIN resources below that are available to help you navigate through the Zumba world, enhance your career and, most importantly, network!

Facebook Groups

Other Resources


Forums (Message boards)

Attend Local Master Classes


Education Tools

Attend Local Jam Sessions

Zumba Chat Room (ZCR)


Frequent other instructors’ classes

ZIN Tech Tips & Tricks

Specialty Trainings

Go to local events (Zumba-thons, Fund raisers)

ZIN Warm-Up and Cool-Down


Like & Support other instructor’s Zumba pages

Zumba Fitness

And don’t forget your website (a great marketing tool): Manage my Website

Connect with other instructors!

We’d love to hear about your Zumba gems. What resources have you used that have helped you grow as an instructor? And what is that one piece of advice you would give someone else?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Zumba is ALL over the news!

Last weekend I casually Googled Zumba news, expecting one or two articles. Holy cow! There were dozens of articles - just published in the last two weeks or so - from all over the world! Here's a round up of articles I thought you would find interesting.

It's time for some Zumba, Times of India
"Fitness instructor Nithyanandhini Manoharan says that the dance form has caught up in Coimbatore [India] in the last 2-3 years in a big way. 'When I moved to Coimbatore in 2010, Zumba was just making its inroads in the city. But five years down the lane, the fitness form has become a trend.'"

School to liven up PTA Meeting with Zumba, Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
The parents of West Pembroke Primary students might be sweating at tonight’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting — in a good way. Rather than a traditional PTA meeting, the school is holding a free Zumba class for parents, in partnership with The Athletic Club, as part of an effort to encourage physical fitness and provide a unique exercise opportunity.

Photo credit: Journal Gazette
Crank up the energy with Zumba, Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
"For six years, at least, Sarah Hudson has taught Zumba, which is a high-impact blend of dance, aerobics, hip hop, samba and mambo. It’s been called a close relative to jazzercise. 'You dance with both of them, but with Zumba, you put a little more fitness to it,' Hudson says. 'Jazzercise is more focused on dance, and Zumba is more cardio.'”

Should Zumba be taught as an option for sport in Milton Keyes schools?, MKWeb (United Kingdom)
"Now, I appreciate there is a problem with childhood obesity in the UK and Zumba is a fun way of exercising, but is teaching it in sports lessons instead of as an after school activity a step too far?"

From counting cash to calories, The Hindu (India)
Photo credit: The Hindu
"'While working in the bank I was asked to take care of operations for a new health club. They wanted someone who was not a fitness expert but some one who had the expertise in handling people and operations. Just months after that Zumba came into the country and there was an instructor’s course for which I was compelled to attend...'"

Zumba gets you fitter than salsa, Daily Mail (United Kingdom)
"24 healthy women aged 22-56, who usually only exercised once a week, did two salsa and two Zumba classes over a fortnight. Recordings taken from chest monitors and wristbands worn during sessions found the women burned more calories and physical activity was more vigorous during Zumba - with more steps taken and heart rate rising more."

Monday, May 25, 2015

ZINspiration Monday with Karlett!

Today's great inspiration comes from Karlett from Smyrna, Delaware. Here's her story.

After having 3 kids I gained roughly 100 pounds. My weight has fluctuated over the years, but the heaviest weight I've ever been is 289. I have a history of high blood pressure and knee problems because of my weight. I had tried workout videos, Jazzercise, and going to the gym. None of those methods seem to work for me.
I bought the Zumba DVDs in 2011 and then started going to live classes. I was hooked from day one! I knew from the start I wanted to be an instructor, and I got my B1 license in December of 2012.

Because of Zumba I have lost over 60 pounds. My blood pressure and knee issues are gone and I feel awesome! I teach 60 minute classes 4 times a week and I teach a 30 minute class at work during lunch hour. My 3 favorite songs to teach are: Bajo La Tormenta (Salsa) from Mega Mix 42, Marshallah (Hindi Pop) from ZIN 48, and Jumping (Soca) from Mega Mix 44.
The best advice I can give others who want to use Zumba to achieve their goal is to stick with it and HAVE FUN! You must also change your eating habits and make Zumba a part of your healthy lifestyle. Also, please encourage others who want to use Zumba - the more social you make it, the more likely you are to stick with it.
One day I would love to own my own studio space in Smyrna, my hometown, and hold classes during the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.  That is my dream!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Is it possible to be a great fitness instructor and...

How many things are we capable of being good at? I mean, really good. Like, great. Two? Five? As many as we want?

I let my mind wander while I walked to the train last night and this is what I found myself thinking about.

I want to be a great wife, daughter, and friend.
I want to lead like a great manager.
I want to stay in great shape.
I want to write a great blog.
And, I want to be a great fitness instructor.

Is it possible? I'm really not sure! It's so easy to compare yourself to others. There are instructors who add new choreo to their classes every single week. I'm lucky to add a couple of songs a month (and even luckier to remember them with confidence when they start playing!). There are instructors who bring a ton of energy, every single class and barely break a sweat. I have plenty of energy, sure, but I'm a hot mess by the end of class. And sometimes, I even have to fake-smile (gasp) when I lose my steam too early.

We all have to make trade offs. I only teach classes part-time, and my other obligations make it feel difficult to keep up with what others in the fitness world full-time are able to do. Sometimes I have to work on the weekend, and that's time that would otherwise be spent coming up with original choreo. Sometimes I stay up later than I should to spend time with the husband, and I don't have the energy to work out the next morning. Maybe it's possible to be good at everything you want to... but GREAT? I'm not so sure. And being the BEST? As we say in New York, fuggeddabouttit. (That's forget about it, for those of you who need a translation.)

This blog post doesn't end with a brilliant idea wrapped up in a bow. I don't have any answers (as you can tell from the disorganization of my ramblings). And, don't get me wrong - I'm not upset or feeling down on myself... just introspective and truly curious about this question.

So, I'd like to know - do you think it's possible to be GREAT at as many things as you want to be? How do you decide where to focus your attention, and when good is good enough?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Reasons to Let Your Hair Down

This post is from Kristi, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!
I am so excited and honored to be one of The Z Beat's ambassadors. I'm a fairly new instructor (my 1 year Zinaversary is June 7th!), but like all of you I have a deep love and admiration for the program. Zumba has introduced me to an amazing community of people, brought so much happiness, joy and laughter into my life and allowed me to spread that joy to others. With all of that happiness and silliness in mind I figured I should take this first post and make it hard hitting.

So am I the only person who noticed that pretty much everyone in the ZIN 56 live class had their hair down?! I mean there were a few people with strategically engineered, awesome looking ponytails, but on the whole it was a  hair down crowd. I LOVE the look of this! I mean Zumba is a many parties have you attended with your hair in a ponytail that is accessorized with a flashy sweat absorbing headband? To convince myself to try this I thought I'd put together a list of reasons to give the hair down look a try:

5 Reasons to Let Your Hair Down:

1. Get that "just out of the ocean look" even if you're in a landlocked state. Why go out and buy surf spray to give your hair that ocean dipped texture? You can manufacture that stuff yourself!

2. Turns! So we use the lasso cue to tell people to turn around...wouldn't the opportunity to whip your hair in a circle add a little something extra to that cue? Have you seen that awesome pic of Ann Saldi's hair?! Work it girl!

3. It's your new accessory! You've got the signature rubber bracelets and the butt tassels...there are plenty of moves that you can incorporate your hair into. Whip it, stroke it, flip it, get creative people!

4. Remember hair bands? Not to be confused with hair ties. Think Whitesnake, Poison and Def Leppard (my personal fav). This is a good chance to channel your inner Joe Elliott...what other time are you gonna get to do this...Halloween aside :)!
5. And finally, may I remind you that we're dancing to Enrique for goodness sake! Nothing like soaking wet hair sticking to your neck to get that point across...I'm just saying.

So go ahead! Let your hair down and embrace the party've already got the music and in the case of my class the psychedelic lights, so why not! I might just give it a try myself this week. Odds are I will finish my class looking like a cat that got stuck in the rain, but you never know, I might like it.

If you're not quite brave enough to give the sexy tousled look a try check out this amazing Pinterest board from ZumbaTanyia. Plenty of great ideas in there. And in case you want a special song to get the hair flyin', here's a 2011 throwback to get you started.

Monday, May 18, 2015

ZINspiration Monday with Claire!

Claire is a Surrey, United Kingdom native who found herself in need of a change. Here's her story.

My story began on a Saturday night in the local pub with my friends. One of the girls was talking about how great Zumba was on the Wii and how hard you have to work, when I piped up ‘you can go to actual real-life Zumba classes you know?’, having attended a couple a few years ago and remembering how much I had enjoyed it.  So, straight away we got on the internet and searched for our nearest class and found one on a day and time that all three of us could manage. In the middle of the pub, we made a fairly drunken ‘pinky-promise’ that we would all go. Two of us stuck to our promise.
The first class we tried was a bit too tame, I didn’t find it ‘energetic’ enough in comparison to my recollections. The second class, the instructor didn’t even turn up. Then the third place we tried, which was perfect. I felt like Goldilocks, this seemed just right!

From day one, I was hooked. I think everyone feels completely daft at first, when most of the class know the routines and you’re just standing there staring at the instructor, confused and feeling that everyone is looking at you like you’re some kind of weirdo for not being able to do it. But that never happened, no-one laughed at anyone for doing it ‘wrong’ – the general attitude being ‘as long as you’re moving, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing’. The way the instructor got the whole class going was inspiring. People were smiling, laughing, interacting and having a genuinely brilliant time, as well as actually exercising. And it is that atmosphere that made me keep going back. But not only that class, I often went four or five nights a week – even when I had to be brave and go on my own!
I hadn’t been particularly happy at work, my relationship wasn’t going too well and I was constantly looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and after the loss of my dad a few years beforehand and most of my family living so far away, I felt lost and fairly lonely. Having suffered with depression previously, I knew there was a chance I would slip back into the old cycle and that I had to do something positive with my life.
I tried my hardest to get anyone and everyone I knew to come with me and try this experience as I wanted them to feel as great as I did (and probably bored all of my friends with my Zumba ravings!).  As I attended more and more classes to get my ‘high’, I started to feel a change in myself, not only physically, but mentally. I began to tone up and lose weight and with that, cut down on comfort eating because I felt like I was doing something good and didn’t want to ruin my hard work. I also felt my confidence levels were boosted, especially when people started to comment on how I looked healthier. I could feel myself starting to stand a little taller and smile a lot more. I had a lot more energy and was sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed, rather than tired and uninterested every day.

My working days seemed to become shorter, knowing that I had a Zumba class to go to in the evening. I would talk about it to my colleagues, my friends and basically anyone who would listen. I even put friends on hold on a Friday night so that I could Zumba first and meet them later!  Even now, my friends know that they have to book me in advance, as there's no way I'm cancelling class - my participants NEED me! I lost 42 pounds along the way.
After a couple of months, my friends had really noticed how good it was for me. I was taken aback when one of my closest friends told me how proud he was of me for keeping motivated and how he’d never known anyone to have embraced anything as ferociously as I had and how much he could see a change in me for the better. To which I simply replied ‘I just love it’. He and a couple of other friends suggested maybe I should try to become an instructor – which I loved the idea of, but thought there wasn't a chance for me.  

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that perhaps I could learn and that I could make a good go of it because I had the motivation and the will. I want to make other people feel as good about themselves as I had started to feel.
I love watching these other, crazy ladies wiggling, whooping, jumping and giggling for all their worth and escaping for an hour from the ‘normality’ of daily life. It is an incredible sensation to see people enjoying themselves and letting go for that short moment.
So, needles to say in August 2012 I went to B1 and became an instructor!
I am sure that my dad would be very proud of me and what I have achieved so far and that compels me to keep going forward. I know that I drive people nuts with my ‘obsession’, but I can’t help it. I feel good, happy and more confident and content in my own skin than I ever have. I always have something to look forward to and if I have a ‘down’ day because I know that when I get to class, I will be welcomed with beaming smiles and happy folks every time.

I am so thankful to my friends for that ‘pinky-promise’ that has changed my life for the better.


My advice to others is that we all have to start somewhere and just getting to class is a massive step, so just go with the flow and do what you can and you'll soon find yourself smiling and enjoying the class after getting over the initial self-conscious feelings - nobody is going to judge you for your size, shape and age, etc. - you're there, doing it and that's what matters. And stick with it!

Friday, May 15, 2015

A May Giveaway from The Z Beat!

Is anyone else shocked that it's already the middle of May? Wow. I've really been enjoying my classes lately... people seem happier now that the weather is better and eager to get into shape for the summer (hey, whatever gets you moving!). I also loved ZIN volume 56 so much that I used it to add a bunch of new songs to my playlist that I love to teach.

With so much happiness in the air, I figured I should share the love! In this giveaway, you can win:

Zumba bracelets

Zumba Nation water bottle

Zumba mini-shopping bag

What You Can, When You Can (or, #wycwyc), the book!

You may have read my review of What You Can, When You Can, but in case you missed it: #wycwyc is a lifestyle philosophy in which you try your best but recognize that wellness is a long journey - some days you have to make trade-offs or indulge. When you do, you accept it and move right along, making the best possible decisions you can.

You can read my full review here. As soon as I started reading this book, I bought a second copy to give away to one of you!

To enter this giveaway, submit entries using Rafflecopter below. You have until midnight on 5/22 (which really means you have to get your entries in by 11:59 on Thursday, 5/21). Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Winners may live anywhere, but must produce a valid address for shipment within 5 business days. The Z Beat is not responsible for lost or deleted entries, and will make final decisions regarding disputes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to choose the right group exercise class for you

This post is from Melissa, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!

Recently, I have come across a lot of people who seem to be hitting a rut when it comes to their exercise routines. Many folks started at the beginning of January as part of a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get healthy and now that May is here, getting that cardio in seems to be harder and harder.

I know when I started on my own weight-loss journey five years ago, it seemed cardio was one of the hardest things to get geared up for. After all, there is only so much excitement that can be generated on a treadmill. That is one of the reasons I was drawn to Zumba and why I eventually became an instructor myself.

But when it comes to group exercise, how do you choose what is right for you? There are so many options, from spinning to kickboxing, and not everything works for everyone. It seems I tried a little bit of everything and I still continue to try new things all the time. I even recently tried the same format with a different instructor just to be sure I liked it.

Here are some tips and tricks I picked up along the way that may help you decide what works best for you when it come to choosing a group exercise class.

* Pick a class that interests you. There really is no point in going to a class you have no earthly clue why you would want to be there in the first place. If yoga isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t recommend signing up for a class. At the same time, don’t avoid the class because you don’t think you can physically handle it. Which leads me to the next point.

* Test your limits. NEVER avoid going to a class because you feel like you won’t be able to do it and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. Trust me when I tell you, everyone in that room had to take their first class and they weren’t experts from day one so push yourself and see what you are capable of. You may just surprise yourself.

* Sign up ahead of time and get there early. If you sign up and even have to pay ahead of time, you are more likely to attend the class. That gives you extra incentive to be there. And, getting there early gives you a chance to talk to other participants and get an idea of what they think of that class, instructor, etc. They can also give you some tips on what to look for at certain times during the class and most will even share some funny experiences of what their first time was like.

* Contact the instructor ahead of time. Sometimes, you can contact the instructor of the class ahead of time by e-mail or on their Facebook page. Try reaching out to them and letting them know you are interested in their class but want to know what to expect. Many instructors have a “first-class free” policy where you can try it to see if you like it and then go from there.

* Don’t expect to get it all the first time. The biggest problem I had to overcome was the frustration that I didn’t know all the moves or the fact that I wasn’t grasping it all that first class. It’s OK to maybe fall behind a step or two or to just watch for a few seconds to figure out the move before continuing on with the rest of the class.

* Have fun! Remember to smile and have a good time. Exercise isn’t supposed to make you miserable and the instructor truly wants to see you smile. Yes, you are sweating and might even be out of breath but a quick smile or a random “Whoop!” during class is a totally welcome expression.

Monday, May 11, 2015

ZINspiration Monday with Tori!

Tori had two kids and needed to make time for herself. She did just that and feels great now! Here's her story.
I live in Livingston, Texas, and I'm sure my story is relatable to many of you. After having my second child, I was over 200 pounds and felt tired, unhappy, and bored with my life. I had always been an athletic person but after marriage and children I found it hard to find anytime for myself.
I finally decided one day that I had to make the change. To become my old self again. The happy, healthy Tori. So in May of 2014 I began eating clean (lots of fruits, veggies, and protein) and working out every day. It was SO hard at first but I refused to give up. Now, one year later, I have lost 60 pounds!

Dance has always inspired me. I grew up a dancer, and then taught dance at our local studio for years. Zumba was the best of both worlds. Dancing, which was my passion, and fitness, which what was changing my life. With both something very magical happened in my life. The day I became a Zumba instructor (I received my B1 in July of 2014), I could feel something in me that I hadn't ever felt. A genuine purpose for my community. That's the flame that keeps me going every single day.
To others looking to get healthy, I would say to not make ZUMBA the goal, but to make Zumba a tool in your life, a tool that gives you extreme self confidence, a tool that makes you powerful, a tool that helps you achieve your fitness dreams. Take advantage of your Zumba class! Use every single minute of that hour to receive what you need mentally and physically to conquer anything else ahead of you!
I currently teach 10-12 classes a week. And I have some of the most committed students around. They come in fierce every single day! It's hard to choose, but 3 of my favorite songs in my class right now are Fireball, Mi Mi Mi, and El amore El amore. I am so proud of my Zumba family!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Classes, Five NYC Boroughs: All in one day!

Have you ever thought about doing something... different? On April 20th, a group of ZINs led the "5 Boro Tour" - all five NYC boroughs, and five classes, all in one day! If you've never been to NYC, let me assure you that it's a BIG city - this is no small accomplishment. Here is Tony Santiago's story about it, and it may inspire your next big idea for a fitness challenge!

On April 20th, me (Tony) and fellow instructors Lisa Plaza and Alexandra Colon set out on a journey to do something that, to my knowledge, has never been done before in New York City. It was an event that we called the “ZFactor 5 Boro Tour”.

The purpose was simple: to take 5 Zumba classes in each New York City borough all in one day. It was open to anyone who wanted to participate and challenge themselves to the task. However, getting around to the classes along with exercising all day was anything BUT simple. Logistically we had to figure out how to get around to all of these classes in a timely manner along with coordinating with instructors who were able to accommodate us. 
We started by driving to Staten Island in the bad rainy weather and headed to Island Martial Arts. Instructors Donna, Kat, Ronelle and JoJo, Master Pete (the owner) along with every student in the class gave us a huge welcome! Along with doing the instructors’ choreo, Alex, Lisa and I were able to do our own choreo to Zumba High. 

After that, we (along with a student we met, Mariela) headed to Brooklyn’s La Nueva Salsa de Hoy Studio in Sunset Park where we danced with “ZR Borrstyle”. In that facility, we were treated like family. The atmosphere was warm and close knit. We did our Zumba High routine (again!) and the class loved it! Special thanks to Diana Torres for arranging this.

The next stop was Queens. With the heavy rains, New York City traffic goes even slower than usual. However we did make it to Eagle Taekwondo Academy where Diana had a special class for us. We were all up in the “instructors row” with her for her high energy routines.  Special thanks to Pedro Vaca because he was pulling major strings to make sure we got to his establishment and making this happen!

We did take a lunch break after Queens (we needed to refuel somehow, lol), so we drove to Manhattan and found a Mexican place. Manhattan was a much different vibe. In this case, we went to an office where Josephine was leading a class of fellow co-workers. What made this class special was one instructor, Jacqueline, a ZIN but hasn’t lead anything before. We all encouraged her to do something just as long as she had fun. The look on her face after her routine was priceless! You couldn’t help but feel very happy and proud of her.

The last stop was the Bronx at a place called the Bronx House. It was a packed class there with Veronica. She brought the three of us on stage to participate alongside her for a routine.

To say that this was a challenge is an understatement. It certainly took a lot of will power, mind over matter and determination to get all of this done. However, in each case, the delight of the students and the instructors in each location reminded us why we do Zumba  in the first place. It’s beyond the workout…it’s the fun, the joy, the pride, and feeling of accomplishment.  That was what we got out of the 5 Boro tour.

We are establishing this as an annual tradition on the Monday of the third week in April. We certainly invite ANYONE (instructors and students) to join us. Whether you do one class or go to all five, it’s about the Zumba love.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#LetItMoveYou, and your students!

This post is by Dana, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!

Zumba’s marketing department #hititonthehead with their tag line #letitmoveyou. In fact, before I discovered Zumba I joined just about every local gym and subsequently I let all of my gym memberships lapse year after year. Exercise just wasn’t a part of my life. When I did go to the gym I would walk on the treadmill for a few minutes. Hop on the bike for a few spins. Lift a few repetitions of light weights. Flounder around and go home.

My motivation to get to the gym was ZERO. 
{Insert Zumba} Six years ago I bumped into my first Zumba class. I must admit initially I was completely lost. I felt like I was the only one in the room who didn’t know the routines and I certainly couldn’t remember the moves. However, after encouragement from the instructor because really that is such an amazing aspect of Zumba (encouragement from others and Zumba comradery) I went back to class. And before I knew it I was finding reasons to leave work early to get to her class on time (shhhhh don’t tell my boss). I even got a dog walker to take care of the dog (phew another problem averted)! What happened to me, and where was that person who preferred eating snacks and watching TV in the evening?

I will tell you what happened. I fell in love with Zumba

The fitness.
The dance.
The health benefits.
The psychological benefits.
The community.
The friendships.
The fun.
The music.
The weight loss (20 pounds down)!!

I let the music #moveme. Every time I turned the music on I literally felt the music in my body. After the very first beat my mood, my demeanor, my day completely changed for the better.
Photo credit: Zumba Fitness
I see this happening in class too. I can instantly point out when participants just show up to class versus coming to class where they feel more comfortable.

They start to smile more.
They work harder.
Jump higher.
Shake lower.
Mouth the words to the songs.
Close their eyes.
Whoo hoo.
And come back for more!

Before they know it Zumba class becomes a part of their schedule instead of just exercise they feel like they have to do. One of the best parts of being a Zumba instructor is watching an exercise class become part of someone’s fitness journey.

Here are some helpful tips to get people into that amazing #letitmoveyou frame of mind.

1. Be personable: It is obvious that Zumba instructors need to be enthusiastic and vibrant but adding that extra touch to class with a personal tidbit about yourself or a funny short story can make it easier for students to relate to you, and make their experience with you more memorable.

2. Smile: I can’t tell you how many times people tell me they love that I smile during class. It is so important! If you are having fun you will definitely spread the love.

3. Make Eye Contact: While you are in the front of the room, make sure to make eye contact with people and even consider giving an encouraging nod or thumbs up when someone squats lower or you can see they are really pushing themselves.

4. Be a Constant Source of Encouragement: Welcome newcomers to class. Ask and remember their names. Congratulate people on their weight loss and fitness successes. Thank people for coming to class. These types of interactions are so meaningful and truly engaging.

5. Cater to the Crowd: Ask people for their favorite songs so you can develop choreography “for them”. The smile on their face when “their song’ comes on is fantastic!

Promoting a personalized fitness experience and really being mindful of every participant in the room will help each person not only experience, enjoy, and love Zumba, but it will help your students feel the music; and it will be your hour that #movesthem.