Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Reasons to Let Your Hair Down

This post is from Kristi, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!
I am so excited and honored to be one of The Z Beat's ambassadors. I'm a fairly new instructor (my 1 year Zinaversary is June 7th!), but like all of you I have a deep love and admiration for the program. Zumba has introduced me to an amazing community of people, brought so much happiness, joy and laughter into my life and allowed me to spread that joy to others. With all of that happiness and silliness in mind I figured I should take this first post and make it hard hitting.

So am I the only person who noticed that pretty much everyone in the ZIN 56 live class had their hair down?! I mean there were a few people with strategically engineered, awesome looking ponytails, but on the whole it was a  hair down crowd. I LOVE the look of this! I mean Zumba is a many parties have you attended with your hair in a ponytail that is accessorized with a flashy sweat absorbing headband? To convince myself to try this I thought I'd put together a list of reasons to give the hair down look a try:

5 Reasons to Let Your Hair Down:

1. Get that "just out of the ocean look" even if you're in a landlocked state. Why go out and buy surf spray to give your hair that ocean dipped texture? You can manufacture that stuff yourself!

2. Turns! So we use the lasso cue to tell people to turn around...wouldn't the opportunity to whip your hair in a circle add a little something extra to that cue? Have you seen that awesome pic of Ann Saldi's hair?! Work it girl!

3. It's your new accessory! You've got the signature rubber bracelets and the butt tassels...there are plenty of moves that you can incorporate your hair into. Whip it, stroke it, flip it, get creative people!

4. Remember hair bands? Not to be confused with hair ties. Think Whitesnake, Poison and Def Leppard (my personal fav). This is a good chance to channel your inner Joe Elliott...what other time are you gonna get to do this...Halloween aside :)!
5. And finally, may I remind you that we're dancing to Enrique for goodness sake! Nothing like soaking wet hair sticking to your neck to get that point across...I'm just saying.

So go ahead! Let your hair down and embrace the party've already got the music and in the case of my class the psychedelic lights, so why not! I might just give it a try myself this week. Odds are I will finish my class looking like a cat that got stuck in the rain, but you never know, I might like it.

If you're not quite brave enough to give the sexy tousled look a try check out this amazing Pinterest board from ZumbaTanyia. Plenty of great ideas in there. And in case you want a special song to get the hair flyin', here's a 2011 throwback to get you started.

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