Friday, February 27, 2015

Beyond the Big City: Small Town Zumba

Today's post goes out to all the fitness instructors outside of big cities. Building a Zumba reputation and career in small towns or rural areas is no easy task (not that it's "easy" in a city, but you know what I mean).

Luckily, I have some advice for you from three successful instructors who are all from small towns. Thank you to Angela, Lisa, and Alice for sharing their insight!

Angela tells me she purchased Mary Beth Nishime's marketing book but didn't use any of the tactics, finding that the majority of them weren't designed for people in small towns. She said, "Given that, I had to venture out on my own and walk the path less travelled. Now, I'm living the fitness instructor's dream - making $100/class, sold out with a waiting list!"

Here's how Angela did it, in her words:
1.  Word of mouth is king.
2.  Be a bad*ss fitness instructor.
3.  Events have worked the OPPOSITE for me - they do not attract new people - so I only do them for fun. What attracts people is when they reach their individual HIGH NOON and tell themselves, it's time to come.
4.  Run a business - not a hobby - even if you teach one time a week. Be professional, consistent, and responsible at all times.

Lisa got creative and tweeted to a local newspaper about her class. A writer contacted her for an article, which she considered to be free advertising! She also mailed flyers to schools and small gyms, making it easy for them to post her schedule.

Alice is a 58-year old instructor, getting licensed in April of last year. She teaches at The Healing Arts Center, a brand new business. She told me, "I'm just keeping enough money from my classes to pay for my ZIN license upkeep, and the rest I donate to the Center and a local food co-op. One thing I do is serve a healthy snack after every class... having that little 5 minutes of snack and bonding time afterwards has been a real draw."

Alice charges $5 per class, but also offers a 10-class punch card for $40 - so students get two free classes. She says, "I don't have an expiration date on them. I tell them they expire when I expire! I've been keeping their "punched out cards" and at the end of the year 2014, I held a drawing using those cards. The winner got a free punch card." She also gives prizes each month to keep students engaged.

She also came up with a clever strategy. "In January, I had a special. Bring in a friend and you and your friend get a free class that day. Well, to my utter surprise, I've been getting 16 to 18 students each class! Many of the new ones are coming back AND buying the 10-class punch cards. Yehaw!!"

What advice do you have for small town instructors?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To You, From a Student

Zumba instructor Jennifer Gavin received this letter from a hesitant student about two months after she started taking her classes. When I read it, I knew I had to share it with you - in many ways, this letter could be from any student to any of you. It's the kind of feedback we don't often hear. But, I have a hunch that many of our students feel this way. So, here is a letter to you from a student.

It is time to get up and get moving, words I have been telling myself forever now.  I had every excuse in the book as to why I didn’t get it done … not enough time, work too demanding, couldn’t afford a gym membership, didn’t want to go alone, too embarrassed.   This time I made a promise to myself that it would be different; I would take the step forward and follow through. 
I went out and bought running shoes, workout clothes and told myself I could do this – and that it shouldn’t matter what anyone else said.  I went to my first class –trucked through the snow storm, there was me and 1 other person and the instructor, Jennifer Gavin.  And now 9 weeks later I am still going.  Sometimes the class is small (just me) and sometimes we have 3 or 4, but no matter what Jennifer is always there for us.  She has created unique work out sessions, explains and demonstrates how to complete the exercise and works out right alongside us.  The best part of all is that she always encourages us to keep going and that we can do anything we put our minds to.    We Zumba, circuit, tabata and bootcamp each Saturday.  We laugh and enjoy each other’s companionship and encouragement.
There is something you have to remember: Jen works pretty much 2 FT jobs, but she still shows up each week ready to lead us.  Jen starts some mornings as early as 5:30am at the fitness centre and doesn’t get home until well after the dinner hour, but she is always there reminding us to breathe.  She suffers from migraine headaches, but still shows up and teaches class even though it was just her and I.  Jennifer was hosting a large dinner party, but she came to the gym to lead our class and then rushed home to take care of the party.
Jennifer started this initiative to run side by side with the Biggest Winner Challenge.  She approached the Y to work with her; but funds most of the cost herself as we only pay $1 per session we attend.  She creates the plan, she shows up early to set up, and stays behind to tidy up.  Jen has taught us to not be ashamed of what we cannot do but to be proud of what we can do, and Jen always reminds us not to forget to BREATHE!  (Good tool for work as well lol)
Soon our classes will come to an end and I am proud to say that I will be obtaining a membership for the Y so I can still take class with Jen – in gen pop!  All because she has reminded me that I CAN!
Thank you for everything Jennifer – I will never be able to show you how much I appreciate what you have done for me, and for the others that come out to class.

Monday, February 23, 2015

ZINspiration Mondays with Leesh

This week we have a story from Leesh, who has gotten mentally and physically stronger with Zumba. Here is her story.

I started my Zumba journey on the 17th of December 2013. It was completely different from what I was expecting. I enjoyed my first Zumba class so much that I had to go back. I continuously went to each Zumba class that was available to me, and even went to the local Zumba instructors' demonstrations in my area.

Just last year, in October 2014, I became licensed to teach. On the 17th of December 2014 I celebrated my one year anniversary and continuing my Zumba journey. The hardest part about becoming an instructor was having to learn all the rhythms that make up Zumba and having to learn how to cue well.

I've done over 130 Zumba classes now and with the love and passion I have for Zumba I have lost over 15 kilos (about 33 pounds). I expect to lose more considering I still do Zumba regularly and will always be a Zumba girl for life.

I have gained so much confidence over the last year! This is particularly important to share, because I'm usually very quiet. I have Asperger's, which is a form of autism.

I think many people with Asperger's can benefit from Zumba. It helps with what frustrates us, and helps get us involved in a community. Zumba provides a positive vibe and the music is great as well. No one makes fun of you or judges you. It lets us forget about everything and we can just have fun.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reppin' for Zumba at FitBloggin'

You may or may not know that there's a whole universe of fitness blogging out there. I actually started The Z Beat because there was very little on Zumba in the blogosphere and I felt everyday ZINs needed a place to collect our ideas, share what we've learned, and support each other.

((Gets on soapbox))
I won't get started on how I don't think Zumba instructors are respected in the fitness world, but I think the more we establish ourselves as fitness professionals, the stronger our community will be.
((Hops down))


I've shared a few of my favorite health and fitness blogs before, but the blogger who I follow most closely is Roni Noone. I'm like, in a committed bloglationship with Roni - I read her stuff everyday. She's lost a ton of weight, had two kids, built her own business, and is a strong bad*ss at the gym. My hero!

Anyway, Roni runs this conference every year called FitBloggin'. I wouldn't be able to swing going on my own, but she's running a contest and is going to give away THREE passes to bloggers like me. I will let you all know if I win, and if I do I promise to come back with loads of information - new workouts, cool brands to check out, and loads of inspiration. More importantly, I'll make sure to represent for all the ZINs out there! Wish me luck.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback Friday: Who needs a good laugh?

Here we are, in the middle of winter. This can be a tough time of year... not enough daylight, miserable weather (in my part of the world, at least), and (once President's Day comes and goes) no three-day weekends in sight!

In honor of the winter blues, here are a couple of oldie-but-goodie laughs from The Z Beat.


My all-time favorite funny post is this one. Hope you enjoy it, too!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What can pilates do for you?

I came across a really interesting article about pilates that I'm excited to share with you because it spurred some deep thinking about my exercise habits. I have a weird take on formats like yoga and pilates... I love them in theory, but when I'm honest with myself I find them a little boring. I want to want to do them, but I generally need a little more pizzazz in my workout to stay engaged.
(Sidenote: when it comes to yoga, I've solved this dilemma... I go to Bikram yoga classes - 26 postures in a 95+ degree room - no time to get bored when you're sweating and pushing yourself for 90 minutes!)
Reading this article about pilates really made me think about the purpose of this kind of exercise. Here are the five core principles of pilates, according to author Annabel Fitzsimons:
Credit: Health Perch

I especially loved this infographic about pilates myths.

Credit: Health Perch

"Myth: You can lost significant weight with pilates." That one really stuck with me. Do you workout to lose weight or to be strong? I'm starting to realize that I like working out because I like to feel like an athlete, get stronger, and pushing my limits. After years of focusing on exercise as a means to weight loss, I developed a tendancy to gravitate toward activities where I'm sweating, panting, and at full cardio capacity. But, when I think about my current goals, I think I need to get over the idea that burning calories through cardio is the way to go. I probably need to do more strength training... and pilates could be the answer!

I think I'll try a few classes and see if I can find one that feels fast paced and keeps me on my toes... even though I want to do more of this kind of workout, I know I still need to find a class that feels fun and engaging. First stop: aerial pilates! I'll report back.

Monday, February 16, 2015

ZINspiration Mondays with Chris W.

Chris has dealt with cervical dystonia since she was a teenager... you know what helped her feel better? You guessed it. Here's her story.
Some of my story with Cervical Dystonia and Zumba. I will try to keep it short, but I'm not well known for being non-talkative! In Sept 2009, when I was 39 years old, I was diagnosed with a movement disorder called Cervical Dystonia ("cervical" being the neck region of the spine, not the other "cervical", lol!). I can recall symptoms as far back as age 16 (and I’m 44 now).
Dystonia is characterized as involuntary muscle contractions, which can cause abnormal, often repetitive, movements, postures, or both. You know when you get a charlie horse in your leg?  How painful it is?  Imagine that pain, in your neck/shoulder area…and leave it there 24/7 for 23+ years.

In 2009 I was in so much pain it was this close >< to being an overwhelmingly life altering-I don't want to do this anymore-let me crawl out of my skin and climb the wall-pain. The treatment recommendation was (and still is) Botox injections every 3 months into the affected muscles. Doc advised against alternative treatments, and physical therapy, as it would make the muscle spasms worse. He also said the same about exercise.
I chose to have the injections, which I started in Nov 2009. Once we were able to get the injection units/site perfected as much as possible - I finally started to begin to feel "better". I started walking with a friend of mine, and took a few aquafit classes with her as well. In May of 2012 we took part in an MS walk, where the warm up was a Zumba instructor leading a few songs. My friend and I started double dog daring and triple dog daring each other to find a local Zumba class so we could give it a try.
We started going to a class or 2 a week, and eventually I began to realize that I was improving, my posture was getting better, my range of motion in my shoulder was improving (I was hitting people in class because all of a sudden my arms were "longer", lol!), I was feeling more and more human.
In Dec 2013 I decided to become a licensed Zumba® instructor myself. This past spring I started working with a personal trainer, my only goal from that was to improve my core strength, and balance. Well, she now has me lifting light weights, I've been able to do some half-pushups, some planks…pushing limits every week. Recently I decided to try a class that alternates one week of PiYo, the next Turbo Kick. At the end of January, I took Zumba Toning training which I have started adding into my classes.  A group my girlfriends have plans to try a Tree Top Trekking excursion this summer (I'm terrified of heights by the way!)… and life is finally feeling fuller.
Literally, 5-6 years ago I didn't want to think of what my life would be like, I couldn't imagine being a person who didn't feel excruciating pain every day. I never, ever, ever, imagined that I would be participating in any kind of fitness activities, let alone be a Zumba instructor! My outlook and goals for my future are so much different than back then. I'm at the point where I'm thinking "let's set a goal, and figure out how to do it", not "I can't…". I'm not saying that at the end of the day I'm not sore, or that my life is completely 100% pain free - but it isn't a final determining factor for making a choice to try something new. I'm no longer allowing my CD to rule my life! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Me and My (Uptown) Funk

Have you ever lost your choreography mojo? For the last 6-8 weeks I've just been in a funk when it comes to new routines. I've thought about it and can boil it down to a few reasons:

1. I was so busy prepping to teach Aqua classes on my teaching vacation, that any time I had for choreography was spent retraining my brain for classes in the pool. It felt like too much information to memorize new songs and my Aqua routines.

2. The recent ZIN volumes have been fine, but have you noticed that I haven't written about the last two like I normally do? The songs were totally OK, but nothing jumped out to me. You know that feeling, where the first time you hear a song and you can already see yourself leading your class to it? I tried to choreograph Las Mamies from ZIN 53 but per reason number 1 above, I just couldn't commit to memorizing the different sections of the song.

3. I'm training for a half marathon in March, and a lot of my workout time is dedicated to running. I love listening to my Zumba music while hitting the pavement (and often accidentally do the arm movements while I'm running!) but I haven't had a ton of time to listen to the same song over and over while working on choreo for it.

Then, something happened.

I had heard people talking about this song so I finally tracked it down online and played it. Yes! This was the beat I was waiting for... a funk to get my out of my funk. I listened to it twice and had my whole routine mapped out.

I feel so much better knowing that I haven't lost my love of choreography, music, and dance. I just needed the right song to get me back in the groove (literally). Now I'm feeling inspired to hit up iTunes and can't wait to get my next ZIN CD.

 Have you ever been in a choreo funk? How do you break out of it?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Healthy Valentine's Day

Chocolate. Candy. Three-course restaurant meals. Why is it that a day that's supposed to be about love is associated with so many things that can derail your health goals?

This year, let's take back Valentine's Day. Here are my ideas for healthy ways to celebrate!

Instead of exchanging chocolate...
How about some healthy snacks? I would love to get this basket of organic treats or a beautiful tea set like this one.

Instead of going to a restaurant (where even the menu items that sound healthy can be deceiving)...
How about cooking dinner at home? Here are some ideas for healthy recipes for two. You can take it a step further by going to a cooking class to learn new kitchen tricks!

Instead of going to see a movie...
How about taking a walking tour of the neighborhood you lived in where you first met your partner, the site of your first date, or the spot where you got engaged? If you're celebrating with friends, try a new group fitness class together!

Instead of sending flowers...
How about donating the money you would have spent to a common cause you care about? After all, research tells us giving is good for you!

Have a happy, HEALTHY Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2015

ZINspiration Mondays: Rachel Lake

Today's story comes to us from Rachel Lake, who sprung into action when one of her students became unconscious during her class. The moral of the story is that we should all make sure we truly know our first aid basics and how to do CPR (not just that we have the certification!). Here's Rachel's story.

The Z Beat: When did you get your B1? Do you have any other Zumba licenses?
I did my Zumba B1 in 2009. I finished full time training as a dancer in 1990 and went on to work as a professional dancer in concert tours and on TV until 2002, when I had my second baby, and found the schedule too difficult with two young children. I decided to retrain as a group exercise instructor and was teaching aerobics and step when I discovered Zumba. 

I was blown away by the combination of dance and fitness and fell in love with it. Zumba was relatively unknown in England at when I did my B1, so I had a hard time convincing the gyms where I worked to take it on, but once they did, all my classes turned into Zumba! I also have Zumba B2, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning & Zumba Sentao and I've done the online Core & Boost modules. I have taught Zumba Gold, Toning and Zumba Sentao, but I have found that my clients prefer the original Zumba format.

The Z Beat: What inspired you to become an instructor?
I was told about the Zumba training by a dancer freind of mine, who had done it, although he wasn't teaching it because he was still busy working as a dancer. I decided to go to a training as I had been teaching aerobics and step classes for five years and was a little bored and looking for somethinfg new. I had never been to a Zumba class when I attended my B1 training with Caroline Parsons and was completely blown away. To someone who came from a dance background, it felt like coming home. Dancing to the music rather than through it, as you do in standard aerobics, was amazing and I loved the Latin music.

The Z Beat: Tell us about what happened during your class that day.
The incident in my class when a participant fainted was actually not a Zumba class. I teach a few different formats and this particular class was FitSteps. It is a dance fitness class devised by two of the dancers from Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars in the US) It is a similar format to Zumba in that you teach a different routine to each track, but it is based on Latin and Ballroom dance, such as the cha cha, quickstep & waltz. Anyway, we were doing a quickstep/charleston to All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. 

The Lady who fell has been coming to me for Zumba and FitSteps for about two and a half years so I know her quite well. She was at the back of the studio but I saw her fall straight away. I immediately asked another participant to call an ambulance and I checked the lady's breathing. She was unconscious but breathing fine so I put her in the recovery position, placed a sweatshirt under her head and one over her to keep her warm and started to talk to her, just gently telling her it was me and asking if she could hear me. It was kind of scary as she was unconscious for around four minutes, which seems like a really long time in that situation. When she finally came around I kept her lying down just in case she had any injuries and then the ambulance crew arrived and took over.

The Z Beat: What advice would you give other instructors should they find themselves in this situation? 
The advice I would give to other instructors who find themselves in a similar situation is first and foremost, do the first aid qualification as well as the CPR qualification. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, the most important thing is to check whether the person is conscious and breathing, this is the first thing the emergency response will want to know when you call. Then put the person in the recovery position and talk to them. tell them your name, use their name and keep talking, even if they are unconscious. 

 I have been teaching for over ten years and this is the first time this has happened to me, so hopefully for a lot of instructors it will never happen, but if it does, it's really good to know that you have the training and the confidence to deal with it. Happily, my client is now fine, fully recovered and was back in Zumba last week.

Click here for more ZINspiration! Happy Monday.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dance Fitness Expose: Clubbercise!

Bokwa. Doonya. Piloxing. You know I love to try different types of dance fitness classes! Today, Lesli of Fit & Happy shares a guest post about her experience with a dance fitness class that feels like a party!

For the first time in a long time, I spent my Friday night clubbing. Well, Clubbercising to be more accurate. And it was awesome. 
I love getting my dance on (even though I suck, and that is no exaggeration. If you watch Jimmy Fallon's 'The Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing' and 'Evolution of Mom Dancing' and combine the two, that's pretty much what I look like when I'm dancing. Ohhh yeahhhh.) So when the awesome Elle of Keep it Simpelle offered up the chance to go to the Clubbercise event for charity at Pineapple Dance Studio in London (where I live!), I jumped at it. 
It was my first time at Pineapple, which was pretty cool in itself (for some reason it reminded me of Fame!) but the fun really kicked off when we got to the top floor studio and the lights went down. 
The instructors handed out glow sticks to everyone, turned up the music and we barely stopped for the next hour. The tunes were awesome, everything from 90s club classics like Sandstorm, Love Generation and some Venga Boys, up to recent hits like Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta. 
The moves were pretty easy to follow (although my lack of dance skillz made the whole thing a pretty huge giggle-fest, and apologies to Elle on one side and the clearly professional dancer on the other who I'm pretty sure I almost beheaded with a glow stick at one point!) and the vibe was great. It was a really high-energy class and every age and body-type was there, so it was really inclusive and I was sweaty, tired and on an endorphin high at the end of it. 
The best part (other than dancing your butt off -- literally)? The fact that when we took our first water break, 45 minutes had passed and it felt like 10. 
I loved this in so many ways. It was a fun workout, not too challenging, and could be a great night out with friends. In fact, since that first class I went to, I've convinced a group of my girls--of all fitness levels, even some who are normally averse to fitness classes--to have a Friday night out doing just that! You can visit the Clubbercise web site to find a class close to you or if you're in London, you're in luck as they're doing weekly classes at Pineapple from 13th February
If there aren't any classes near you (yet! ...these things are spreading like wildfire and you can train to be a Clubbercise instructor, too) and you want the Clubbercise vibe for your dance/aerobics class, there are a few simple keys to creating the atmosphere.
1) Turn those lights down. Low lighting and some dance club lights if you can get them will mean you'll be less worried what you look like while you're having a blast.
2) Pump up those classic dance tunes. Just pick your faves! After class I listened to a Ministry of Sound best-of compilation that I already had on my phone for gym workouts and running and it would have been perfect in the class.
3) Add glow sticks, of course!
Now get your dance on!
*Rave whistle* Woop woop! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Healthify Your Leftovers!

After hosting a big party like a holiday dinner or a Super Bowl shindig, you're likely left with a lot of... food. Or, things that you enjoy eating as a once-in-a-while, enjoy-yourself-on-occasion treat. If you're like me, you also hate wasting food. The thought of just tossing leftovers makes me cringe.

I've been thinking about this ever since December, and realized that I've collected a few tricks to avoid throwing away leftover treats while maintaining a healthy diet. I'm no nutritionist, and definitely not a chef, but without further ado...

Leftover Drinks: Wine
I hosted a holiday party in December, only to realize the next morning that I was left with three (yes, THREE) bottles of white wine that were opened to pour a single glass. Nothing hurts more than wasting wine! But, I knew I wouldn't go through two and a half bottles (not while training for a half marathon, at least!).

My fix: I did some research and - duh - you can cook with white wine! I ended up using a bottle in this slow cooker recipe for turkey breast with rosemary, and it was delicious. Just Google "cooking with wine" and you'll find plenty of recipes.

Leftover Appetizers: Cheese
Ohmygosh I love cheese. But, we all know full-fat dairy can impede our weight loss/maintenance goals, and some people flat out advise that dairy is bad for you. Like everything else, I'm happy to eat cheese in moderation but when I have a huge chunk of delicious Monterey jack in my fridge... moderation usually gets thrown to the wind.

My fix: As soon as the guests leave, I shred big blocks of cheese. On one hand, I do this for a practical reason... no pieces laying around to grab every time I walk through the kitchen! On the other hand, I do this because I can use the shredded cheese to add a little fat and protein to a variety of meals (usually omelets or fajita salads, two of my faves) - a tablespoon or two is enough to add flavor without packing on the calories.

Leftover Dessert: Ice cream
I almost never eat regular ice cream - mostly because I like froyo and smoothies just as much if not more, so I don't see any reason to eat it. But, we have a tub of vanilla bean ice cream in our freezer from our last dinner party - and lately, it's been calling my name.

My fix: I took about two tablespoons of ice cream and popped it in a food processor with frozen fruit - strawberries, peaches, and raspberries. The result was a delicious frozen treat that was 75% fruit and packed with vitamins and fiber!

Leftover Finger Food: Pizza fixins'
There's nothing easier than making homemade pizza for a crowd. But, how many days in a row can I justify eating pizza? Not many.

My fix: When I buy ingredients for homemade pizza, I always grab an eggplant. If I have leftover cheese and sauce, I can make a delicious and healthy version of eggplant parm - I grill the eggplant with a little Pam and salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Then I layer it in a baking dish with tomato sauce and whatever other veggies I have laying around (usually spinach and onions). A little sprinkle of mozzarella on top and 15 minutes in the oven and, voila!

How do you healthify your leftovers?

Monday, February 2, 2015

ZINspiration Mondays with Rose

Rose, a Maryland native, gave her time and energy to caring for her grandmother, and suddenly found herself in need of caring for herself! She turned her lifestyle around and found her passion for teaching Zumba! Here's her story.

When I was at my unhealthiest, I was caring full time for my grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

Zumba changed my life in so many ways but what really stood out was the effect of the music on my grandmother. She was mostly non-mobile ,but whenever I would put on the local Latin radio station she would dance in her chair, sway her arms, and "sing". She loved Shakira and Marc Anthony the most. I knew at that moment I wanted to teach Zumba.

My grandmother's decline was very rapid and she succumbed to the disease April 1, 2014. I had originally signed up for Jump Start Gold but had to cancel because it was scheduled just a few days after she passed. Even though I took Zumba classes as much as possible while caring for my grandmother, I was also emotional eating and drinking.

I took about a month off from class after she passed away. That is when I saw the photos from a toning class that put my weight into perspective. In the top left picture of myself above, I weighed 217 pounds.

I finally received my B1 license on May 31, 2014 at my home studio Striving to be Better Dance Fitness by the gorgeous Maria Browning. (In October 2014, I also became licensed for Aqua. ZES Richard Gormley taught the class... he is gorgeous, too!!)

I'm committed to taking care of myself, and I've lost over twenty pounds since that photo above. The hardest thing about getting healthy is staying motivated. Once you get that spark to start a healthy lifestyle you go like gangbusters for a few months. Weight comes off fast initially and see a change in your body... but then you reach a plateau. Digging down deep & finding a way past that plateau is very hard to do without a positive team around you (ie: family, friends, coworkers, gym friends, etc.).

My advice for others is to find what works for you and only you. There are a ton of diet & exercise programs, one may work for your friend but not for you or vice versa. Don't compare yourself to anyone; there are different body types, metabolisms, ages, heights - that all play a factor in everyone's weight journey. My balance is that I do everything in moderation - eat more lean proteins, fresh veggies, tons of water - but I also do not deprive myself of the treats I like. I also do not feel guilty when I do indulge in treats.

It has truly been a blessing to become a Zumba instructor and receive my Group Fitness Certification in the near future.