Monday, May 11, 2015

ZINspiration Monday with Tori!

Tori had two kids and needed to make time for herself. She did just that and feels great now! Here's her story.
I live in Livingston, Texas, and I'm sure my story is relatable to many of you. After having my second child, I was over 200 pounds and felt tired, unhappy, and bored with my life. I had always been an athletic person but after marriage and children I found it hard to find anytime for myself.
I finally decided one day that I had to make the change. To become my old self again. The happy, healthy Tori. So in May of 2014 I began eating clean (lots of fruits, veggies, and protein) and working out every day. It was SO hard at first but I refused to give up. Now, one year later, I have lost 60 pounds!

Dance has always inspired me. I grew up a dancer, and then taught dance at our local studio for years. Zumba was the best of both worlds. Dancing, which was my passion, and fitness, which what was changing my life. With both something very magical happened in my life. The day I became a Zumba instructor (I received my B1 in July of 2014), I could feel something in me that I hadn't ever felt. A genuine purpose for my community. That's the flame that keeps me going every single day.
To others looking to get healthy, I would say to not make ZUMBA the goal, but to make Zumba a tool in your life, a tool that gives you extreme self confidence, a tool that makes you powerful, a tool that helps you achieve your fitness dreams. Take advantage of your Zumba class! Use every single minute of that hour to receive what you need mentally and physically to conquer anything else ahead of you!
I currently teach 10-12 classes a week. And I have some of the most committed students around. They come in fierce every single day! It's hard to choose, but 3 of my favorite songs in my class right now are Fireball, Mi Mi Mi, and El amore El amore. I am so proud of my Zumba family!

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