Monday, May 1, 2017

Zumba Cruisin'!

Just back from the Zumba cruise and - wow! I thought I had met lots of Zenthusiasts before but this trip really brings the faithful together. Five nights of dancing in classes, great meals, dancing in the clubs, excursions at the port cities, dancing in the pools (and the hallways, shops, etc.), and all around good times.

We were at sea for 3ish days and in each port - Nassau, Bahamas and Cozumel, Mexico - for one day. Some people did adventurous things at the ports; I chose to get day passes at local resorts to enjoy peaceful beach time. Every evening you'd get a brochure called the Cruise Compass and it would tell you about all the activities the following day: rock climbing, Broadway-style shows, wine tastings, shopping specials - there was really something for everyone.

There was a whole separate print out just for the classes to be offered. There were a bazillion (technical term) classes offered each day, including Aqua, Toning, and Strong by Zumba. They were taught by all our favorite ZESs and international presenters, and it was amazing being surrounded by so much talent.

If you're thinking about the cruise for next year, you should go for it! There's plenty to do for non-Zumba fans (just in case you have a few in your life, gasp), though they should come prepared for thumping music and Zumbawear as far as the eye can see. One other thing to know is that because the pool deck is used primarily for classes, the pools are often closed or are the site of DJ-led dance parties, so the only time I was able to bring my daughter to the pool deck was super early in the morning. If you have kids who are expecting to swim all day every day, it's something to consider.
Here are some photos to give you a better taste of the experience.

Drinks on the balcony to our room before setting sail from Miami

Beto was everywhere! Even though there were thousands of people on the ship, it felt pretty intimate.

This is the set sail party - that's Wyclef Jean in the Zumba shirt (he's one of my favorite artists!). We also had performances from Shaggy and J. Perry.

There was a whole lot of Zumba in the sun on the pool deck (and in every other corner of the boat).

The ship was transformed into a Zumba wonderland!