Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Zumba is ALL over the news!

Last weekend I casually Googled Zumba news, expecting one or two articles. Holy cow! There were dozens of articles - just published in the last two weeks or so - from all over the world! Here's a round up of articles I thought you would find interesting.

It's time for some Zumba, Times of India
"Fitness instructor Nithyanandhini Manoharan says that the dance form has caught up in Coimbatore [India] in the last 2-3 years in a big way. 'When I moved to Coimbatore in 2010, Zumba was just making its inroads in the city. But five years down the lane, the fitness form has become a trend.'"

School to liven up PTA Meeting with Zumba, Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
The parents of West Pembroke Primary students might be sweating at tonight’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting — in a good way. Rather than a traditional PTA meeting, the school is holding a free Zumba class for parents, in partnership with The Athletic Club, as part of an effort to encourage physical fitness and provide a unique exercise opportunity.

Photo credit: Journal Gazette
Crank up the energy with Zumba, Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
"For six years, at least, Sarah Hudson has taught Zumba, which is a high-impact blend of dance, aerobics, hip hop, samba and mambo. It’s been called a close relative to jazzercise. 'You dance with both of them, but with Zumba, you put a little more fitness to it,' Hudson says. 'Jazzercise is more focused on dance, and Zumba is more cardio.'”

Should Zumba be taught as an option for sport in Milton Keyes schools?, MKWeb (United Kingdom)
"Now, I appreciate there is a problem with childhood obesity in the UK and Zumba is a fun way of exercising, but is teaching it in sports lessons instead of as an after school activity a step too far?"

From counting cash to calories, The Hindu (India)
Photo credit: The Hindu
"'While working in the bank I was asked to take care of operations for a new health club. They wanted someone who was not a fitness expert but some one who had the expertise in handling people and operations. Just months after that Zumba came into the country and there was an instructor’s course for which I was compelled to attend...'"

Zumba gets you fitter than salsa, Daily Mail (United Kingdom)
"24 healthy women aged 22-56, who usually only exercised once a week, did two salsa and two Zumba classes over a fortnight. Recordings taken from chest monitors and wristbands worn during sessions found the women burned more calories and physical activity was more vigorous during Zumba - with more steps taken and heart rate rising more."

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