Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fitness Blogs to Watch

Happy Sunday! I just published a new page called "Blogroll and Guest Posts". I love reading health and fitness blogs - it's where I get inspired to try new workouts, push through tough days, and stay committed to being healthy. So, I'm sharing some of my favorites with you.

I've been fortunate to write guest posts for some really terrific blogs, including the ones below:

  • A Gift for Me on Carla Birnberg's blog - Carla is the queen of fitness blogging! I especially love her videos.

  • A 10K and a Lesson Learned on RaraX3, where Jamaica King shares her experiences running, traveling, and traveling to go running. :)

  • What you need to know before trying Zumba on Spilling Coffee n' Dropping Things, where Christiana shares her experience of leaving depression behind and trying ALL sorts of workouts and fitness gadgets and tools.

Here are a few other blogs I LOVE and recommend checking out.
  • Roni's Weigh: Roni has been at her health and wellness journey for a long time, starting with a focus on weight loss and now spending time getting strong and inspiring others.

  • Runs for Cookies: These days, Katie is a seasoned runner, having come a long way from her days of being overweight and unhealthy. She recently returned to Weight Watchers, and she is honest with her readers about her successes and challenges.


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  2. Everyone's allowed to sneak away here and there. :) Happy holidays!

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