Monday, December 29, 2014

ZINspiration Mondays with Krishna

Today's ZINspiration comes from Krishna from upstate New York. After two pregnancies, she lost a ton of weight and inspires others.
I got my B1 certification in June 2011. I'm Zumba kids & kids jr. certified, as well as Gold, Sentao, and Aqua, and I went to the 2013 & 2014 conventions.

I have two beautiful kids but my pregnacies where horrible! With the first pregnancy, I gained over 100 pounds & wasn't able to drive because my legs would fall asleep. The second was 9 months later & put more strain on my body. I was put on bed rest & could hardly move.

After my 2 pregnancies, I was 300 pounds & couldn't walk up stairs - my kness were giving up on me & I felt old. I kept on asking myself how was I going to play & jump with my kids if I had problems tying my shoes.

I needed to do something but I hated treadmills & working out. But, I always loved to dance. I  had been dancing Eastern Island style, which is like Hawaiian dance, since I was little. I also was in a Hispanic folk dance group for most of my life & I used to teach street salsa & cha cha. So, when I saw the infomercial I wanted to do it, but honestly, it was boring at home. I found a class on & I was hooked!

I remember saying "you mean to tell me that I can dance salsa, merengue & bachata and lose weight? Sign me up!" (lol). Then I met more instructors & some of them encouraged me to get certified ...& I did.

I went to Florida & got certified with Jani Roberts. I was so happy that she pulled me on stage & made me feel awesome. After I had the taste for it, that was it! I came back & got a job right away. I told them I needed at least a month to get ready I practiced a lot with other instructors because cueing can be so difficult. Little by little, with effort & dedication, everything came together & now this is my career.
I started teaching more and more and I lost 110 pounds. I did not do a diet or a balanced meal plan. But, it was hard to lose my last 40 pounds. For my last 40, I had to change the way I ate & get serious about being a real fitness instructor & walk the walk.

My whole health journey was hard - I realized that people can judge you a lot. "The big instructor... how is she going to teach me if she cant lose weight?" Even some ZINs can be mean when they see you. But at the end of the day you keep on going & show everybody that you can do it. Always be positive & smile, life is what we make it!!!!


  1. What an inspiration! This story is so relatable to so many fighting to keep their fitness a priority. What a joy to see & read!

  2. So proud to call you my friend and Zister. You are truly an inspiration. ❤❤❤❤

  3. You rock! Your classes have majorly contributed to my 50lb weight loss and your positive attitude and fun personality never fail to lift my spirit­čśÇ

  4. WONDERFUL and amazing instructor!!! Full of energy and life!!!! I am proud to have Krishna as part of my staff!!! Always smiling and always positive!!!

  5. So very proud not only to call you my Zista but my friend! You truly are an inspiration and always have a smile for everyone no matter what. You are truly amaZIN!!! Keep spreading your light!!! Xoxo

  6. Krishna is not only an amazing dancer, but she is just a "feel good" person with an amazing spirit and a beautiful heart. Her story of strength and courage is inspirational. I am honored to have shared the stage with her and know first hand, of her amazing presence, enthusiasm, and positive energy. Way to go chica!