Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Photo Montage!

Happy holidays, everyone! Today I'm going to share some photos from my home holiday décor to give you a little more insight into who I am. I'll take a short break from posting but will be back by the weekend with regularly scheduled programming. :)

Here's a shot of our mantle. You'll notice a menorah between the stockings... my family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah!

Here's a shot of our tree. There aren't too many presents under it because we've cut back - the husband and I don't exchange material gifts anymore, we try to go on a date or a mini vacation to celebrate instead.

We have an ornament for each year that we've been together. I'll share the more interesting ones... like 2011, the year we got married:

The next year, 2012, brought Hurricane Sandy and significant damage to our home. It was a tough year. But, this ornament (a satellite image of the storm) kind of makes me chuckle.

Back in 2008, we said goodbye to the original Yankee Stadium so I got this commemorative ornament.

Unfortunately, I regularly find it buried in the back of the tree, because...

...the husband is both a Mets fan and a Yankees hater. It might be the biggest challenge we face as a couple. :)

Last year, we went on an epic vacation to California, Nevada, and Arizona, and we got this ornament in San Francisco where our road trip started:

We don't have an official ornament for this year yet - I'm still reflecting on the defining moments of 2014! Given that I ran a half marathon and launched this blog, I feel like it should be something fitness related... but I still have a few days to decide.

Does your family have traditional decorations or activities? How are you celebrating?


  1. Merry Christmas from Newfoundland!

    We'll be heading to church later on this evening, where my cousin and I are singing...then it's home to put the last of the gifts under the tree. Tomorrow, it's all about family.

    Most of our decorations are handmade, including eggs that my mother painted in 1985. I think I'm going to do the same, and do a post featuring our house at Christmas....

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