Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Zumba Commercial Starts Airing Tomorrow - What's Your Take?

The home office is taking another step toward building grassroots excitement for Zumba Fitness with a new commercial set to start airing tomorrow.  You can check it out here.  These are a few of my early reactions... but I'm really curious about what you think!

  • I love the effort to create more buzz about Zumba. I think ZINs are super connected to the format and the brand, but many students don't seem to have that same connection. This is a great start, and I would love to see ways for students to further connect, like in a version of the online community forum for students. Come to think of it, one thing the commercial doesn't do is reflect the amazing Zumba community and how classes forge new friendships and incredible support systems - they're all dancing alone!

  • The campaign slogan - "Let it Move You" - is pretty perfect. I like the multiple meanings and it's simple yet deep. Alberto Perlman was quoted saying the slogan reflects "a feeling that moves you not only in the physical sense, but also emotionally - it's a powerful feeling that stays with you long after the Zumba class is over."

  • The commercial is pretty  darn funny, and I like the diversity of genders, races, ages, and body types portrayed.

  • I wonder if the way the actors are dancing will scare off some potential new students. They are mostly doing highly aggressive and/or sexual moves... and not all classes require that much, um, flava - as we know, many are more fitnessy than dancey. Moreover, students can always modify moves to work within their comfort zone.  I hope people will see the dancing in the commercial as hyperbole and try a class to experience it for themselves!

Your thoughts?

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  1. I liked the commercial to a point but I think they should have shown the basic moves that we learned in B-1, and then added some flavor to each of the characters some of those moves are too sexual for a zumba class its a misleading message my opinion.

  2. Like the idea and concept, very catchy.
    - Would've liked:
    Zumba is known for Latin beats and this is very hip hop.
    Zumba energy is contagious, one start and the others follow.
    Over all I like it!

  3. Thanks for sharing your feedback - everyone seems to have a different opinion! Really appreciate your comments.