Monday, September 15, 2014

ZINspiration Mondays: Kristi Westberg

This week's ZINspiration comes from Kristi Westberg - a Texas girl currently living in Andover, MA. She just recently got her license to teach, attending her B1 training in June of this year. Becoming an instructor was part of a bigger health journey that Kristi committed to last year. Here's her story.

The Z Beat: Tell us a little bit about your health and fitness history.
Kristi: A little over a year ago I decided my life needed to change. I wanted to be healthier, have more energy, try new things and have fun. So I quit my gym (not the logical plan of action, I know), bought some workout DVDs and started making changes to my diet and adding in daily exercise. After three months I had managed to lose 20lbs and that gave me the confidence and desire to keep going. A year later I'm down almost 70lbs, have recently become a Zumba instructor and am happier than ever!

The Z Beat: What inspired you to become a Zumba instructor? How has Zumba impacted your life?
Kristi: I started going to Zumba in December of 2013 and really enjoyed going to class and shaking off the stress from my daily life. The more classes I took the more I loved Zumba. I started hearing Zumba songs in my head, choreographing songs on the radio and clearing my schedule to make sure I could be in class. In June I took the plunge and did B1 and have been having a ball ever since. For me the most amazing thing Zumba has done is introduce me to amazing people. Amazing students, amazing instructors and amazing friends.

The Z Beat: What advice do you have for new instructors?
Kristi: Go for it, but start slow. Ask your current Zumba instructor if you can lead a couple songs in his/her class. That way it's like starting with a group of friends that will cheer you on and help you. [Editor's note: Kristi also posted
this advice on her blog for new instructors!]

The Z Beat: What are your 3 favorite songs to teach these days?
Kristi: Wine It Up (Mega Mix 42), Love Runs Out (One Republic), and Mi Gente (Mega Mix 42)
The Z Beat: What else should we know about you?
Kristi: If you want to know more about me, be sure to hop over to my blog
Becoming Supersonic!

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