Monday, July 12, 2021

Monday Mornings Always Arrive

So this morning I followed my own advice. I put everything by the back door to prepare for my workout this morning. I was teaching class at 6AM which is my earliest class. I usually start at 6:30AM and let me tell you, that extra 30 minutes of shut eye REALLY DOES MATTER. For me to get out of the house unnoticed with three dogs and three kids, I need to carefully prepare every step including accounting for every floor creek at 0-dark-0-clock in the morning. I tiptoed downstairs with my contact lenses, toothbrush and ponytail holder in hand, and met all of my clothes, water bottle, wallet, phone, shoes and stereo wires by the back door. I got dressed, quietly opened the back door and slipped out. SUCCESS! 

I got in the car, turned on my very loud engine, backed out of the driveway and thought to myself, "I must be really tired because things looked very blurry". I blinked a few times, took a couple of sips of water to ensure my alertness and came to the conclusion that I FORGOT TO PUT MY CONTACTS IN and I couldn't see. Literally. I couldn't see. I put my car back into drive and shimmied back into the driveway. I had to re-open the door without disrupting the dogs and had to find my contacts. Luckily they were by the back door for me to easily access. 

By now you are probably wondering why I am telling you this and what my point is. My point is that even when you plan, plan that things won't go according to plan. If this past year taught us anything, it is to be flexible, nimble and accommodating to change. DO NOT LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU! Today is your #magicmonday whether you can see it or not. Read that again. 

What? How powerful is that? Today may be your #magicmonday whether you can see it or not. Things may happen today: good, bad, ugly, big, small, inconsequential which require some additional processing to help you understand what the message truly means and where you should go next. You know the old adage, "When one door closes, another one opens", that is one I can stand behind. Here are a few helpful tips (related to fitness today) that may help inspire you. 

I walked into class this morning not knowing what to expect. So I came prepared with various class profiles in mind, various set lists and some strategies to engage new participants. I was not afraid to ask what their expectations were. Feedback is invaluable! So when you enter the gym, or a group fitness room...

  • Try your best to drop your preconceived notions, and open yourself up to the possibility that you may experience something (good or bad) that will help shape your future fitness adventures.
  • Be prepared! You may find there is a substitute teaching the class, or something unexpected happens. Be prepared to shift your focus on the workout you will be getting, the amazing benefits you will feel, and less on the change of your expectations.  
  • Communicate with the instructor and the people around you! You never know what you will learn, or the connections you will make by simply smiling, introducing yourself, or asking a question. I guarantee the other people in the room want to get to know you! 
  • Learn to shine wherever you are! Gym time is your time. Almost every other part of your day is accounted for in terms of responsibility and obligations. The ONLY thing that matters when you enter your workout is YOU and YOUR TIME. 
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