Wednesday, April 24, 2019

You Subbed Out Your Class but....

Like many of the families in the area in which we live, we just had "Spring Break" for the kiddos. It is not like the "Spring Break" that comes to mind from your college years, but none-the-less a time to travel with the family (more on that later), and a time where I had to sub out my fitness classes. 

Our very own ZBeat contributor Teryck Coles wrote an excellent article on subbing classes; check it out here. Whether it be for physical reasons, an injury, or just a mental break from your class schedule, subbing out your classes can be beneficial. Subbing out my classes is something that I just experienced while away for Spring Break with the family. The thing is, while I was gone, I missed my classes SO MUCH! I was so very lucky to leave my classes in the hands of talented instructor friends and colleagues which was a huge relief as I knew my classes were in good hands. 

However, while I was gone, these are the things that went through my mind the very first class I “missed” I thought to myself…. 
• Class is starting now 
It feels weird not to be there 
• I wonder if the sub will have a live feed of class
• Let me listen to my set list to get into the groove from a distance
• I should probably use this time to work on new choreography
• No, I am going to use this time to decompress and take that break. Focus! 
• Actually, I am going just listen to this new song for a few minutes 
• Dancing in my mind....
• I am going to jot down some moves 
• Speaking of new choreography, I have to Shazam this song  I hear over the speaker
• I wonder if my peeps will like this song as much as I do!
• I wonder if people are standing in "their spots"
• I hope they are having a great class
• It feels like forever since I have seen everyone
• I miss my class

Oh look at the time! Class is over! 

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