Friday, April 26, 2019

What Are You Passionate About?

What are you passionate about? I was asked that question today and it really made me pause and think.....I honestly couldn’t put my finger on it. And that made me sad. I am an elementary school Reading Specialist by day, and group fitness instructor at night. There are many things I like to do in my spare time; read, listen to music, spend time with my family, watch tv. I love teaching children how to read to see how they light up when they see me, and hug me when I leave brings me joy. I love working with other teachers and sharing my experience and knowledge. But fundamentally I know there has to be something I’m passionate about, something that makes my heart beat, something I can’t live without. 

As I was contemplating this after school, I was also preparing for my BodyPump™ class. Then it hit me!  My passion! It is teaching group fitness classes. I honestly can’t imagine not teaching classes. I love when I can motivate someone to do something they
didn’t think they could do. I feed off the energy in the room and all of the smiling faces looking back at me. Being at the gym makes me feel whole, fulfilled and happy! At 51 I finally found my passion and continue to grow in my craft. I have an opportunity to change people’s lives…..and that’s HUGE! To think that people take time out of their day, precious time, for themselves and come to see ME???  That’s something that I take seriously. I need to make it worthwhile for them. I want to make them feel like they are worthy of taking that time away from all the responsibilities and focus on just them.  To think that I motivate them to come workout, and that I can share my PASSION of fitness with them is the best feeling in the world. 

So, now that I know what I am passionate about, what am I to do with this nugget? I will continue to motivate, inspire and welcome everyone that walks into my class. I want that hour to be the best of their day, the most fun, the most challenging, maybe even the hardest –  definitely the most rewarding.  And I want them to come back. I want them to feel the passion for fitness that I do, to know we are in it together and I am their biggest supporter.  So, if you haven’t found your passion yet – don’t worry!  It took me a while, but I found it – and I won’t let it go!!It is never too late to discover your passion. Changes are right inside of you, it just needs to be discovered, and {You got this}!
Stay Fit, stay healthy, and stay with me! Kia Kaha! Lisa 😊
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