Monday, February 25, 2019

#mondaymotivation: Finding YOUR Motivation

#mondaymotivation: Finding YOUR Motivation: Written By: Zumba® Fitness Instructor: Lizz Larrauri

XSport Woodbridge Zumba® Class
"Who inspires you?"  
"Who do you inspire?"--This is a common topic within ZIN™ members. 

"Where do you get your inspiration?"

"How do you continue to be motivated to teach class after class week after week?"

Sometimes it is hard, and sometimes there is no inspiration at all. Let me tell you, sometimes it becomes a job to "teach". You have to love what you do to continue. As with any job, there are days when things can go wrong. 

Believe it or not, so many things could go wrong in an hour of Zumba®!
  • The stereo may blow up
  • You may come to teach and there may be too much wax on the floor
  • Someone may fall during the third song on your playlist
  • A front row 'diva' may stand by your side and change your choreography
  •  A taller person mirrors you the whole class preventing students to be able to see you
  • The fire alarm may go off
  • You forget choreography
  • Your peeps hate the new choreography
  • Wardrobe malfunction, pants riding down, wrong shoes… or oh my God “You forgot your shoes”
  • And the list goes on and on and on.....
We have ALL been there! Sometimes when things go wrong it is inevitable that you may lose motivation from time to time. In an effort to find your motivation, you do what everyone advises...
  • Take Zumba® jam sessions
  • Visit other people's classes
  • Watch ZIN™ Volumes
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Network within the Zumba® community
  • Buy new Zumba® clothes
  • Register for ZINCON™
Sometimes even these things may not work because motivation may not be nestled within these material things or by visiting other classes. To me, most of the time when I felt like quitting a class, I realized someone else was looking up to me or being inspired. We, as Zumba® instructors come in all shapes, ages and color. We are so lucky to be part of a fitness community that decided to break free from industry standards of what fitness should look like. 

It doesn’t matter how large is your class, where you live or where you are from...I am pretty sure you have inspired someone to keep dancing with you, and keep coming back to your class. Maybe one of your students discovers Zumba® can help with depression, or maybe they feel lonely and will see that Zumba® class is the place to meet new friends. Maybe someone will see that they could be like you, and one day become a Zumba® instructor who inspires

XSport Woodbridge Zumba® Class
I love seeing people of all ages from their 20’s to 70’s joining a regular Zumba® class. For me, that is my biggest motivation. There are no limits! Don’t forget the most important thing, it is not just about you, class is about your participants

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something new about yourself, and your Zumba® participants during your Zumba® Class. Remember to find a Zumba® class near you by going to

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