Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A 6-Pack IS Nice….But Did you Know a Strong Core Has These Benefits Also?!?

According to “Readers Digest”, a strong core has amazing health benefits (as well as looking amazing)!!
Here Are a Few:

1. A strong core helps prevent injuries! It’s important 
to build core stability first, and then build core strength. You want to get the deeper muscles working first. When you’ve got a strong core, everything else will fit into place on top of it,  meaning your overall fitness will improve, making you less prone to injury down the road.

2. Protect your inner organs and central nervous system. Staying healthy also means protecting those vital systems below the surface. Your core is not only where your organs and central nervous system do their busy-work, it’s also where your body’s largest (and most important) veins and arteries are based. Keeping strong core muscles will help ensure everything stays protected as you move through your day.

3. Strengthen your core to back pain. Back pain is a common side effect of a weak core.  When our abdominals are weak, it’s often because our back muscles are overly strong. Building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help, either. Not being mindful of how we’re sitting, and not engaging our core, can lead to things like compressed discs in our spine.

4. Get a strong, confident posture! If your core is strong, you’ll be hard pressed not to carry yourself with confidence. A tall, upright posture exudes strength. It gives the impression that this person is in control of their life.

5. You’ll feel better! Not only will a strong, healthy body turn heads on the beach, you’ll feel great, too. Once you’ve developed your core stability, you can start working on the more superficial core muscles to build strength you’ll be able to see.
Here are three exercises that I recommend to get you started:

The key is to not waste your time and energy on ab workouts that aren’t effective. With the three core exercises above, that’s not a concern. The bicycle, the Russian twist, and the towel plank knee-in are fundamental moves that will immediately start helping you achieve and maintain that strong core you’ve always wanted.
Stay Fit, stay healthy, and stay with me! 
 Kia Kaha! Lisa 😊
Twitter: Fit4Urocks

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