Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The ZBeat Welcoming the New Year! 

Image result for gym in january memeWe all know that for many people the start of the New Year is a fresh start, a clean slate and a time to resolve to be fit and go to the gym! We have all seen the gym memes poking fun of new and excited members who will workout for an average of 2-3 weeks, maybe even up to six weeks. I must say that as an instructor across many formats, I am elated at the influx of participants in classes. 

While I do smile a little when looking at the plethora of funny New Year Resolution memes, I also take this opportunity to think about:
1. How to make sure everyone feels welcome in my classes.
2. How to engage new gym members who may be tackling personal issues or constraints or previous failures.
3. How to create an environment that is welcoming and safe for new gym members. 

Here are a few things I do every class to engage members not just at the turn of the new year but throughout the year. Given the time of year with New Years resolutions, I thought the tips below were worth sharing.....
1. I introduce myself to the class, and let everyone know what they can expect. This message will differ across formats, but it should include class length, queuing expectations, opportunities to modify moves, and of course the "if you leave early please give me the thumbs up so I know you are OK" part.
2. I remind people to take it at their own pace and have fun. One of the reasons people don't come back to the gym is because they do too much too soon. Giving people permission to do their own thing at their own pace sets the tone for a comfortable environment.
3. I make it personal for EVERYONE in the room, not just the people I know! I make sure to walk around the room before class to say hi, give hugs and high-fives. I make introductions between members so they can start conversations among themselves.
4. During class...I SMILE SMILE SMILE and make eye contact. I also shoot a thumbs up to someone who is doing a great job modifying or making class their own. I work on not only teaching but providing constant positive feedback. Remember it is NOT easy for some people to make it to the gym. 
5. At the end of class, I thank everyone for coming, and PROMOTE my next class as well as OTHER people's classes. GASP! Yes I said it! I PROMOTE OTHER PEOPLE'S classes. We want people to come back to the gym to attend our own classes of course, as well as others. I promise that promoting others will reap positive benefits across the fitness community. 

Stay tuned for a month ahead of great tips, articles and content from our AMAZING ZBeat Team who each bring their own point of views and experiences to the blog.
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