Wednesday, July 1, 2015

National Dance Day

This post is from Kristi, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!

I don’t know about all of you, but I took dance almost all of my growing up years. There’s plenty of pictures of me in crazy colored, sequined and bedazzled dance costumes complete with full makeup…man are there some good pictures from that time in my life!

I bet you had pictures like this, too.
I remember spending many Saturday afternoons choreographing dramatic lyrical dance routines in my living room (Sarah McLaughlin was my artist of choice). Once I was older I tried out for drill team which brought LOTS of good times and even today I do plenty of movin’ and groovin’ in my Zumba classes. Needless to say dancing has always been and hopefully will always be a part of my life. 

So why all this lamentation about dance? Well July 25th, aka National Dance Day (NDD) is fast approaching! And to get everyone ready for the festivities I thought I’d write about it a little early to give everyone time to get ready to stage their own flash mob, Zumbathon fundraiser or special class devoted to the day of dance.

Last year I had the pleasure of taking part in a NDD flash mob (thanks Tallie!) and so I thought I’d give you a little checklist to get you ready to stage your very own flash mob...Zumba-style!

  1. Pick your NDD song (be sure to make it a fun one!)
  2. Choreograph it to your liking (do it yourself, troll YouTube or use a ZIN DVD, your choice!)
  3. Let your students know NDD is coming up and that you want to do a flash mob. (Start the FB posts early to get them psyched!)
  4.  Introduce them to your song choice and include it in your playlist for the next couple weeks (that way they’re well practiced for the big day).
  5. Pick a time and a place to have your flash mob. It can be anywhere; a mall, a parking lot, a restaurant, just make sure to ask permission from the right people.
  6. Tell everyone when and where to meet up and commence dancing!

If you do end up organizing a NDD flash mob be sure to take a couple pictures and tag them #TheZBeatNDD or post them to our Facebook page! We’d LOVE to see them!

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