Monday, June 8, 2015

ZINspirational Monday with Sonja

Sonja went from being overweight and unhappy to the instructor with the purple hair, beaming with confidence. Here is her story.

When I walked into my first fitness class - a Zumba class at the Towson (MD) YMCA - 5 years ago, I hadn't a clue as to where my fitness journey would take me. I was simply an overweight, depressed housewife without much going on in my life. I hated my appearance, I hated my life, and I hated myself.

Before Sonja got healthy...

Exercise - first dance fitness, then strength training - changed everything. I dropped the weight... but that's the least of it. I also dropped the sadness that plagued me. I lost the physical pains that came from carrying the excess weight around. I began to like myself.

I never intended to teach. I took instructor training out of curiosity, nothing more. But, four days after my training, our regular Zumba instructor told our class that she was moving out of the area. I stepped up to keep the classes going, figuring at some point a "real" (experienced) instructor would come along.

That didn't happen. Five years later, I'm still going. 

I have gained so much. Strength, confidence, focus, happiness! I have gained some wonderful friends in the fitness world - and I'm certain that I have the BEST students on the planet.


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