Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In Need of Song Recommendations... stat!

Ya know how sometimes you love your current playlist? I've been in one of those moods lately. I loved ZIN 56 so much that I immediately pulled three songs from it (Atrevete, Traketeo, and My Check) and coupled with some other songs I recently choreographed (Zumbalo, Mambo Salsa - an oldie but new to my class), I feel like classes have been a lot of fun lately.

As you may remember,
my method for managing my playlist is to rotate in new songs but to keep some older ones in it too - about 50/50. I find that's the right balance to keep people happy.

My problem right now is that I need some specific types of songs to add to my rotation, and I'm just not sure what songs to pick. In some cases, I feel uninspired, and in other cases I'm just overwhelmed with the choices. So... help!

Current radio hit: I don't spend a ton of time listening to the radio - I commute by train, so no long drives, and at home I tend to listen to Pandora - so I'm a little out of touch. For a while I had a run of pop songs - Problem (Ariana Grande) and Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars) were big hits. I know there are popular Nikki Minaj and David Guetta songs right now, but I don't love them. And I LOVE Usher, but his new hit I Don't Mind isn't exactly class material (yikes). What should I try?

Merengue: I feel like there are merengues as far as the eye can see, but I just can't pick one! Old Zumba merengue songs that I've used include Me Va Quema El Cellular, Come on and Dance, Menea la Pera, and Pegate Mas. I really like Las Mamies from ZIN 52, but I found it hard to memorize (I'm all about a fairly predictable verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge kind of format!). Recommendations?

Slower tune: I like to have one slower song in the middle of my playlist for people who need to catch their breath (um, yes, I may be one of those people). I know some instructors will use a tango or bachata, but while I like those styles in general, the choreo to them can be kind of boring. Other slow jams that I've used in the past include Hips Don't Lie (Shakira) and Sexy Movimiento (Zumba). Ideas for fun songs in the slower beats-per-minute family?

Thanks for the advice!


  1. Speaking of using old songs, I've recently put El Amour, El Amour and Ella Me Copia back into rotation. As for newer stuff, Cheerleader by OMI is a great tune, and Hey Alicia is one I use as a catch-your-breath type of song. Zumba High is a great mid-tempo song (and one that I've claimed as my personal theme song!)

  2. Latest hit: Robin Thicke has a new song out. A colloboration with someone. Heard it a few times on the radio and already starting to put the choro together in my head 😊 Zumba aroma and thank you from New Zealand

  3. Thank you, Cayla and Heather! I'm Googling these songs right now!

  4. Oooh...and Illegal by Machel Montano - the choreo by the Taro Boys (you can find it on YouTube) is a killer for the legs!