Monday, December 15, 2014

ZINspiration Mondays with Karen W.

Karen Winspear is a Zumba instructor from the UK with a powerful story to share!

Karen's BEFORE photo
At 35 years old I weighed almost 16 stone (224lbs). Diets, two pregnancies and one miscarriage had all resulted in my body weight yo-yo-ing. One minute,I was 18 stone (252lbs), then down to 12 stone (168lbs). In the summer of 2010 ,I walked up two flights of stairs at my office job and had pains in my chest and shooting pains down both arms. I thought my days were numbered. With a husband and boys ages 3 and 6, I had to change my life and quickly! 

I rang the local college and signed up for an ETM (Exercise to Music) course and qualified January 2011. I'd heard about Zumba and thought I'd try a few classes locally. I was immediately hooked and booked my B1 training in March. Wow, 40 highly-charged fitness professionals in one room... Zumba was to change my life FOREVER! 

I've been a ZIN for almost 4 years now and I've changed both physically and mentally. My class participants have seen me drop weight and dress sizes with them from a UK size 22 to a 12 (US size 20 to a 10) and its staying off for good this time! I've met some amazing instructors, ZESs and even Beto himself in London 2014. 

Karen's AFTER photo!
Zumba isn't a brand its a way of life. It's created steady part time income for my family and created a dream holiday to Florida with my family for my 40th Birthday in 2013. I never wanted to be FAT & FORTY and I wasn't thanks to Zumba. Over the past 4 years I've gone on to get trained in Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao and B2 TWICE as I love it that much. I may not be as rhythmic as some of the dancers out there but I put my own take on it, bring my own personality to class and have a total party at every lesson. 

I'm also bringing communities together by teaching at local schools and community halls; girls are making friends, socialising and losing weight and gaining confidence in the process. I hear so many stories in class such as "I've reduced my pain killers" and "I'm so much happier." Seeing mums become healthier, which they then take back into their home life. I'm crying whilst writing this as looking back, it's been one hell of a ride and I'm certainly not getting off yet.

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