Monday, November 10, 2014

ZINspiration Monday with Deborah Currington

Deborah is from the UK, and her story about struggling with self-esteem and dealing with people who didn’t support her is very relatable. She’s overcome quite a few challenges, but through it all Zumba has continued to bring her joy! More importantly, Deborah says the thing she loves most about teaching is making a difference in people’s lives and bringing them happiness. Here is her story.

I developed a real passion for Zumba, which quickly turned into the desire to teach it. In 2011, I joined a budget gym and met an instructor who I became friends with (or so I thought); she invited me to hers and we had a few girls’ nights in.  I was always asking how she got into Zumba and what inspired her, and from our conversations and doing her classes I developed a passion for it. I also got a lot of compliments from people, but I kept thinking to myself that they were just saying it and didn't mean it!  So, I put off doing the B1 course because I allowed myself to think I wasn't good enough.

Anyhoo, I made a group of friends in my class who I stupidly introduced to the instructor that was my “friend,” and it turns out one of the girls I introduced her to had it in for me.  I was still going to this instructor’s classes, but meanwhile the whole time this girl was turning the instructor against me… and it worked!

I was getting ready for the B1 course and I asked for the instructor’s help. She refused to help me, so I decided to go it alone, and it was actually the best decision I ever made. I have always had low confidence and self-esteem as a result of being bullied and abused when I was 13. I overcame that to get to a point in my life where I finally felt I was worth something, and I wasn’t going to let jealousy, rumors, etc. deter me from my goals.

After what I have been through, I will not let something like this get me down. The past few years Zumba has saved my life (along with my boyfriend and good friends) and I am so glad I took the decision to do the course because if I hadn't I don't know where I would be right now.


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