Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pre-class Schtick for New Students

The first 30 seconds of my class are like a little improv routine. "Hi, my name is Jen, I'm here every Wednesday and Sunday. [Insert bad joke about the weather/playlist/number of people in the room.]" If there's even one person in the room who I don't recognize, I go into my usual schtick, which always attempts to cover the following... but often leaves out one or two points since it's unrehearsed (until now!).

Is anyone brand new to Zumba? (Usually, the unfamiliar face raises a hand.)

Great. It's a lot of fun! We do routines to each song and the moves repeat a few times so you'll have a few chances to get the choreography in each song. (I think this is important to know to avoid frustration early on in the class.)

A lot of the people here regularly come to class, so they'll look like they know all the moves. I promise if you keep coming you'll pick them up too! (I wish someone had told me this before my first class. I was SO lost and didn't know that you do the same routines over time, so I couldn't understand why everyone was in so sync!)

I recommend getting the feet first, then working on the arms and the attitude. (I've heard quite a few instructors say this, and it's super helpful advice.)

One of the great things about Zumba is that you can workout at any level. I'll always encourage you to push yourself, but you should also feel free to modify any move you need to. I will also show modifications for any advanced moves. (Totally separate note: I hate when I show modifications and everyone starts doing the modified move... um, no, keep doing the jumping jacks!)

Lastly, in Zumba we primarily offer visual cues, so I'll point in a direction or preview the next move. Just be sure to keep an eye on me! (This is a big difference from other group cardio classes, so I think it's helpful for people to know.)

 What else do you say in your opening schtick?


  1. I usually explain that they are my mirror image :)

  2. This is pretty much what I say! Excellent. The only other thing I add in my larger classes is that if you have to leave the room give me a thumbs up, if you are leaving as you are not feeling well please take someone with you. I don't want someone passing out in the washroom on me.

  3. Everything u said was great! I also tell them to get drink breaks when needed cuz I don't stop. I also say keep moving. . if u get lost, march in place or step touch. Tell them if they have any questions about steps, mods, form... to see u after class. Lastly I tell the class if anyone needs to leave for any reason, give me eye contact and a thumbs up so i know they are not injured or ready to pass out.