Monday, September 8, 2014

Book Review: 101 Fitness Myths

101 Fitness Myths is an e-book recommended to me by the Girls Gone Sporty crew. Written by Maik Wiedenbach (who was described by Forbes as an  "ex-Wall Streeter with 8% body fat"), the book covers myths related to exercise, food, and healthy living in a super clear, research-based way. The first line of the book is "I am at war with the fitness industry." Maik feels that we get fed a lot of nonsense by an industry that seeks to make money from our desperation to be healthier. And, I think he's right.

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At first I thought this book would be too technical for me, but I started reading and realized it was the perfect source of information for someone who knows a bit about health and fitness but wants more of the facts. It was way more informative than the pop-science we read in fitness magazines! Here are a few of the many things I learned:
Myth: Weight lifting adds bulk.
Maik's take: In order to change their bodies, women need to lift heavy within their abilities.

Myth: You can easily lose weight and build muscle simultaneously.
Maik's take: Building muscle is a hypercaloric process, meaning you will have to eat above maintenance whereas losing fat requires a calorie deficit. When you diet, the body wants to cannibalize unused muscle for energy; training with weights prevents that from happening.
Myth: All calories are the same.
Maik's take: Clean foods have more volume; so you eat less.
Myth: You can eat what you want if you workout enough.
Maik's take: You can’t out-exercise a poor diet... Fat loss and muscle gain happen in the kitchen.
The book also includes a training schedule and extensive bibliography for further reading. I highly recommend the book, especially for folks like me who understand health and fitness basics but don't have a degree in the health sciences. Even better, 101 Fitness Myths is only $10!

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