Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zumba-ing with the Stars

I'm not big on celebrity gossip or fanfare. I really think they're just like the rest of us, except that they have a profession which earns them both a lot of money and a lot of scrutiny. That's why I love these stories about celebs who use Zumba as a way to stay healthy and stay grounded - just like we do!

Jordin Sparks: Jordin is best known for her beautiful voice. Unfortunately, the immediate attention she received from American Idol wasn’t all good; some media outlets picked on her for her weight. According to Fit Sugar, Jordin lost around 50 pounds by changing her diet and – you guessed it – taking Zumba classes! She and her mom enjoy taking Zumba classes together, making her regular work-out a fun family event.

Kirstie Alley: Best known for her yo-yo dieting, Kirstie Alley found a love for dance through Zumba that pre-dated her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Bonus fact: according to Shape mag, her sister is a fellow ZIN member!

Jennifer Lopez: Before she was Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez got her start on In Living Color as a fly girl, dancing between skits and before commercial breaks (see below for a clip of her kickin' it 90s style!).  Couple her dance experience with her Puerto Rican roots, and I bet she’s a natural! She told Red Book, "As women… we take care of a lot of people, and we can't forget to take care of ourselves. If that means once a week you're going to go off without the kids or without anybody and just go shoe shopping…  or join a Zumba class, or take a painting class, or whatever, you've just got to do it.” Zumba is my way of getting me-time too, J-Lo!

Madonna: She’s in amazing shape, and she has been since before she made it big. Madonna started out as a broke dancer in NYC; now she can pay for any dance class she wants! Her choice? Zumba. Her style? I don’t know, but I bet she can do any fitness variation she wants! (Push-ups mid-samba? No problem.) Reports suggest Madonna’s Hard Candy gyms host quite a few Zumba classes, given Madge’s affinity for them.

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