Monday, August 18, 2014

ZINspiration Mondays: Charita Smith of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss

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Charita Smith was a mother in her early 30s who didn’t have time to take care of herself. At her heaviest, she carried 310 pounds on her 5’7” frame. After a failed audition for The Biggest Loser, she tried out for ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss – and her journey to better health began.

Charita told Women’s Health Magazine that the show had her working out for 4 hours a day, including running, circuit training, swimming, and hiking. When she tried Zumba, she said, "It made my body feel sexy, strong, fun, and flirty… like I was moving parts of my body that I hadn't moved in a long time. I found muscles that I hadn't been using before." 

Charita’s trainers Chris and Heidi Powell (a fitness power couple!) recognized her love of dance and knew Zumba would be a great way for her to get in shape while having fun. All three of them got their B1 certification on the show. Chris Powell said Zumba also gave Charita a way to earn income while squeezing cardio in – a bonus that many of us rely on!

In the end, Charita found a workout routine that she loved and that fit her lifestyle in Zumba. She also made significant changes to her diet, cutting portions and adding fresh, healthy foods. She lost 150 pounds on the show and continues to be an inspiration for others.
If you didn't catch her at the convention this year, you can find her on Facebook, or watch the full episode of Extreme Weight Loss for more of Charita's inspirational story!


  1. Is she the one that entered a tri and failed?

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  2. No, she was pretty focused on dancing and jogging in this episode!

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