Friday, January 3, 2020

Want to Try Something New This Year? We Have the Scoop!

So a new year and a new decade has begun! It is definitely a time to keep up the good habits, form new ones, and resolve to do something new. So, the thought of you becoming a Zumba® instructor has crossed your mind. The prospect of becoming a Zumba® instructor has crossed your mind but something has stopped you. I bet you are wondering what it takes to become a successful instructor.

I can help you answer many of your questions!

First, and most importantly, SUCCESS means something different to everyone. Take some time to think about what moves you and set some small obtainable goals. Next, either you already have your Zumba® license or are thinking about getting it. If you already have your license, GREAT JOB! If you are looking for an upcoming training, visit: to find a training in your area.

Now to the good stuff. I know first hand that starting a class is not as easy as it looks. I have been a Zumba® instructor for over 5 years now, and I have tons of good and bad experiences in my career; and I want to share them with you; so read on....

Zumba® Fitness Instructor Ran Rabiela
After I got my first Zumba® license, I had a major question: Am I ready to teach? The answer was obviously no. Many instructors struggle to learn choreographies, find songs, find their style; but that wasn’t my fear. My biggest fear was getting up on stage and messing up in front of people. Because that would lead to them not returning and I would have failed. Failure was not an option! So how did I get over my fear? I was lucky to have a mentor who just pulled to the front and pushed me through my fear. It was horrible, I messed it up but I did it! It felt amazing and scared at the same time. Through that experience, I learned that the only way to be successful is to have a safe environment to practice, practice, and more practice. At that moment, I wanted to return to those who fear not succeeding, a place for them to safely try, fail, and try again! And most importantly to be a guide and mentor to help them push through!

I am part of the Zumba® Mentoring program; however, mentoring someone that is hundreds or thousands of miles away is hard; so I got an idea: mentoring sessions as regular classes, so I could help newbies going across all the suffering I went through on my first class in a safe environment. No judgments just learning and fun.

In my mentoring program, I will focus on 5 key principles to help my mentees.

  • Disperse knowledge to help people get their foot in the door at local gyms. 
  • Provide tips and tricks on how to help people find their style, their unique selves.  
  • Help find the "why" you chose to become instructors. 
  • Facilitate an understanding of the true importance of collaboration and team building
Most importantly, inspire other people and build and help build confidence. We will focus specifically on:
  • How to cue
  • How to OWN your choreography
  • How to "have fun" while teaching
  • How to build a playlist list
  • How to choreograph
  • How to find jobs
  • Recognizing people's individual needs
  • Creating a community
  • Help with getting your group fitness certification 
Follow me on my journey. You will get to know me and my style. You will learn about my mentees. You will see our successes and failures (I promise to post videos). We will do it all with PRACTICE! Stay tuned for what is next, you will be blown away by our creativity, our journey, and our passion collectively as a group.

Article Written by Ran Rabiela. Find Ran online 👇
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  1. Ran’s Zumba classes are the best!! I’ve been taking Zumba for about 15 years and have had many different instructors at many different gyms. Ran is by far, the best Zumba instructor that I have ever had. He is an amazing instructor, mentor and dancer and he goes above and beyond in every class that he teaches. Ran’s energy makes every class that he teaches like a party. I recently obtained my Zumba instructor license and Ran has been such an excellent mentor. He has been working with me at Samskara Yoga and Healing on choreography, cueing, building a playlist, providing many tips and tricks and so much more. I have been having such a great time dancing while at the same time, learning how to teach a Zumba class.

  2. I am a dancer by heart and also teach classical dance. I still remember my very first class with Ran as that was the life changing event for me. Before I hate going to the gym and today I leave everything and run for his class. He is not just a great teacher but a motivator too. He spreads happiness everywhere he goes and brings smile to peoples face. I have learned so much under your wings Ran that today sky is a limit for me.

    Thank you for being such an awesome mentor.

  3. Ran is an awesome Zumba instructor and mentor as well. I started taking Zumba classes with Ran five years ago. I always have a blast in his class and it leaves me feeling a hundred times better. In fact, Ran's Zumba class is the only thing that makes me fight snowstorms and all kinds of crazy bad weather to get to the gym.

    Ran's passion for teaching has inspired me to become a Zumba instructor myself. I am scheduled to take the Basic 1 Training class to get my Zumba instructor license on January 19th, 2020. I am confident that I am going to do great because Ran has been mentoring me.

    1. My first comment didn't have my name, but this is Carmen.

  4. I started going to Ran’s Zumba classes three years ago and since then I tried not to miss any of them. He is very energetic and has an amazing positive personality. I tried many Zumba classes before and couldn’t feel connection to most of them. Ran made Zumba so much fun and each of his classes was like a big party. He inspired me to work on the choreography of some songs. Now I started going to his mentoring class to learn step by step of becoming a Zumba instructor and practice the choreography of my chosen songs. It’s amazing and I highly recommend it to people that want to gain experience on the stage before starting their job as a Zumba instructor.

  5. I've known Ran for several years. He came to my yoga classes and I went to his Zumba.

    He brings his persona and vibrant style into the community for all to experience. From Rooftop Zumba to Zumba Movement at the Practice Center. And mentoring with grace and love for all to experience Zumba and Dance regardless of ability. Anyone can follow Ran from the first step and breath to the last

  6. Ran is a great instructor! His classes are always super fun! His choreography and music were amazing. I highly recommend his classes!

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