Monday, July 1, 2019

Welcome to Monday! Welcome to July! Welcome to your new week. Every new day presents a time to move forward and NOT look back. With each class, week and month that passes by, as group fitness instructors we know that we just need to keep moving. If you had the most amaZINing class ever; live it, cherish it and breathe it in because that is almost the best feeling on earth. If you had a class that was painful, take it as a learning experience on what you can improve next time. 

With every single class that I teach I always make sure I personally greet new members to classes. I do this before class by introducing the "new" person to a "regular", or I give a high-five and a hello (depending upon how much time I have before class). At the end of class, I always make sure to make personal connections especially if someone "new" rocked the class, or if a "regular" really pushed themselves. Well, let's face it any reason to high-five, hug or take pics is great with me. 

Last week something in particular stuck out in my mind and I am still thinking about it. I was giving kudos to a "new" participant because they really did an amazing job in class AND they smiled almost the whole time! When I went up to compliment the individual they said, "Well this is my first time back at the gym in five years. I am so out of shape and fat". Immediately my after-Zumba®-high fell to the floor. I felt crushed that this member was measuring themselves by their past. What I was focused on was that this member was mindful, present and literally kicked butt for an hour of a killer sweatfest. Most importantly, they made the decision that TODAY would be the day they would try again on their fitness journey and that takes a lot of determination and courage. 

I felt honored that my class was the one they chose, probably by chance but at any rate, I had the opportunity to inspire someone else, and let's face it, that is why we do what we do. I encourage you to not only teach the class your songs and your routines, but help people be the best version of themselves. Help people see the positives in each of their experiences. Remind participants that they should be proud of the work they put in and not linger on the past or failures. At the end of the day, the present day is what truly matters. Let's spread physical fitness, positive vibes and kindness.   

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