Thursday, February 7, 2019

Using Social Media to Advertise Your Fitness Event

Written by: Zumba™ Fitness Instructor Jason McLaurin

Refresh refresh refresh! Depending on where you live the social media outlets might be flooded with Zumba™ activities; Master classes, Zumbathons™, Jam Sessions etc. With SO many activities saturating the social media market, it can be a lot to take in as a potential participant, so as a host you must set yourself apart

So how do you set yourself apart from the sea of event marketing? Read on....
Keep things simple. If it’s a smaller event or special class then you can keep things simple. If you’re charging, renting space and expecting 50+ participants then simply re-posting the same image or copying another style might be helpful but will not make you different.
The Promotion Period. A “promotion  period” is a time where you will begin the advertising to maximize results. Take into account your attendance goals, holidays and most importantly other events during that time. You may start with a simple “save the date” post then a few weeks later have a “hard push” period leading to a simple “reminder/ countdown” period leading to the big day.

Coordinate Your Marketing Efforts. Be careful on how far out you advertise so you don’t fatigue the public or undercut other activities. There are exceptions of course as some large Zumbathons™ that average 200-300 participants publish save the dates almost  one year in advance because of its complexity to coordinate.

Diversify Your Imagery. Don’t simply use one image the entirety of your promotion period. Look for  video and photo editing software/ apps  to give yourself a unique look. Decide what “theme” you are trying to portray  and keep the messaging consistent throughout the promotion period. Never use an image of another instructor or event you were  not associated with. If you are going for a large scale event, pay for image services so your pics and videos are free from ads.

Publishing Rules. Be very clear about any age restrictions and pricing. Keep in mind rules on Zumba™ advertising:

Know Your Limitations. Do your best and be honest about your ability to market. New instructors might need to work harder to attract participants and established instructors might need to branch out beyond their normal circle of participants. If working with another ZIN™ be clear who is in charge of the marketing, who is the point of contact, how fees will be paid and make sure messaging is consistent.

These are a few of the many factors to keep in mind. The  hard part to factor in is TIME. Planning, creating and carefully timing the release of marketing at peak hours will take a lot of time. Simply refreshing or re-posting one flyer is easier but may not be as effective and you won't maximize your results. Try to have fun while hosting events! It is a business for some but remember many of  the participants look at special events as a fun break from reality. Make it worth their while and deliver the experience you are selling. If you are selling VIP tickets, make sure the experience is distinct. If you are doing a charity event, focus on the issue and ensure transparency in the money raised. One bad experience can make it hard for future events if the participants feel taken advantage of or shortchanged.

Good luck and take the responsibility seriously when you are advertising to your local Zumba™ community. 

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