Friday, February 15, 2019

Things That go Through Your Mind When you Have a Zumba® Crush at a Zumba® Class


Written By: Zumba® Fitness Instructor: Lizz Larrauri

Let’s face it. We have ALL been there.  One day you decide to go to a fitness class and suddenly you start feeling motivated more than ever to attend that particular class. Endorphins kick in, you feel overly happy, you feel physically fit AND you find yourself with a crush in your Zumba® class....with your instructor.
  • The instructor is soooooooo nice to me.
  • I don’t know why, but I feel like we had this immediate connection.
  • I feel like tonight's playlist was created JUST for me. 
  • That warm up had me on fire! 
  • The instructor could not take their eyes off ME when that song was playing. 
  • I need to arrive earlier next time to save MY spot right right next to the instructor.
  • Nobody dances like my favorite Zumba® instructor (aka my Zumba® crush).
  • OMG my instructor is better than Beto (Just joking)!
  • I wonder if my instructor noticed I cut my hair?
  • Did I shaved my armpits today? 
  • Hips don’t lie.
  • Is my instructor Latin?
  • Wow my instructor can move!
  • OMG "Amigos con Derecho". Nailed it! That is our song.
  • Ugh new people, this is MY spot! I am the instructor's favorite!
  • I hope my makeup doesn’t “run”.
  • Yeah baby!! Shake it … that move was for me. 
  • OMG That Romeo Santos song was just added. WE have the same taste in music (of course).
  • This is my FAVORITE cool down song! How did the instructor know? We are SOULMATES.
  • Let’s take a selfie, or two.
  • OMG my Zumba instructor liked all my social media posts. I am in love!
*This is article is just for fun! We all know that Zumba® love is genuine AND real and our Zumba® families literally are amazing!! Any similarities with real life is just a coincidence.*  

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