Thursday, January 31, 2019

ZCOM™️ Community Projects: What are They?

By Zumba™ Fitness Instructor: Megan Hernandez, ZCOM™️ and ZIN™️ District 49.

Nina Gonzales ZCOM™, RIGHT. Alan Gomez ZCOM
District 2 Australia
One of the wonderful things that your ZCOM™️ are responsible for each year is hosting two Community Projects each term.  A common misconception is that the ZCOM™️ are the ones hosting, collecting etc for the District Project. The purpose of the Community Projects are to unite the Zumba®️ Community in each district to come together for a common cause in support of their community and for the ZIN™️ to host, promote, and collect.  The ZCOM™️ in most districts will and do help with messaging that is consistent for the entire district to use for promotion.  These projects are chosen based on district ZIN™️’s input on their community needs.  To start this process, usually the District ZCOM™️ will get together and discuss several ideas that would benefit the community as a whole.  They then put those ideas out to the ZIN™️ in the district and have them choose which project they would like to focus on.  This could be as simple as a district collecting non-monetary donations for a singular charity, or could be collecting non-monetary donations for several different charities depending on the needs of a specific region of the district.  With the finish of the holiday season, we would like to share with you one such District Project from District 2, Australia!

Tammy Bowman ZCOM™ and Stephanie
Wiggins ZIN™, from Hobart, Tasmania
District 2 has a newly formed ZCOM™️ team.  Prior the ZCOM™️ in New Zealand were responsible for both their District 1 and also Australia’s District 2.  This year District 2 has 4 ZCOM™️ reps and they have completed their very first District wide community project.  Their reps are Annette James from Adelaide, South Australia, Alan Gomez and Nina Gonzales-Zaldiva from Melbourne, Victoria, and Tammy Bowman from Hobart, Tasmania. Their Cans For Christmas event dreamed up by ZIN™️ Stephanie Wiggins was widely accepted across the district and was carried out with huge success.  Each ZCOM™️ team in the district advertised together their separate events that ran 90 minutes and brought together ZIN™️ members and participants for a common cause to each of their locations.  All in all they had a highly successful event that benefited the Salvation Army in Australia’s 3 represented states.  Way to go on your first District Project completion!

Most, if not all 49 districts, have completed the first Community Project for the term. Keep a look out for the second one and also the Meet and Greets that each District hosts each year.  Your District ZCOM™️ will be posting more details for all of these on your District ZCOM™️ page on Facebook.   You and your fellow ZIN™️ can make a huge difference in your community!

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