Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I am Sorry I Can't Go Out Tonight, I Have my Zumba® Fitness Class!

I am Sorry I Can't Go Out Tonight, I Have my Zumba® Fitness Class!

Have you ever gotten the "eye roll" from your friends or family the third time you say you are unable to go out when asked because of your Zumba® class? My favorite response is, "Why don't you just get a sub". Mmmmmm, that would be a resounding "NO". The prospect of a substitute instructor is reserved for the flu, mandatory work travel or a broken leg. Even when I have to get a sub (which is rare), I feel a sense of anxiety. I know that anxiety stems from passion!

I will go out on a limb here and say that most Zumba® Fitness Instructors I know are the most passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic people I have met about their classes, their Zumba® families, and their "job" whether it is their primary source of income or just a part-time job. 

I would also venture to say those hours we spend together in the gym, for our Zumba® fitness classes with our Zumba® family are the most fulfilling hours of the day (Caveat here: Outside of our time spent with our kids and spouses😁).

Here is why...For me my Zumba® Classes are:
1. Insta-Energy. I can drag myself half-way through the workday, drive to the gym half asleep and yawn through the doors of the gym. That FIRST moment when I see a smiling face waiting in the Group Ex room I immediately pep up. Those smiles coupled with music and physical fitness that I LOVE immediately change the demeanor of my mood.  That happiness continues throughout the remainder of the day.  
2. Sweat-fest. As a fitness instructor I teach and take a lot of classes across various formats. I am constantly in awe of the sweat-o-licious outcome every single time Zumba® music comes on, and we start moving. I am talking about dripping, drenched, soaked clothes. It is unbelievable! Our classes are truly a sweat-fest. I crave that level of detoxification. 
3.  My Social Hour. While we ARE there to exercise of course, I love nothing more than seeing the Z family at class. True, we do talk throughout the week, but being in class together is different. Literally, if you were looking through the glass of the group ex room, it would look like we hadn't seen each other in months when you see our welcome hugs. I truly look forward to seeing the Z family each week!  
4. My Responsibility. While it is true I have to be at class because I am getting "paid" to be there, I feel a profound sense of responsibility for every single person in the room. For new members, it is my responsibility to introduce Zumba® fitness into their lives and have it resonate and blossom. For returning members, friends, and family, it is my responsibility to create an experience that not only encompasses fitness, self-improvement and happiness, but an experience that for ONE hour takes people away from reality. Most importantly, it is my responsibility to make every single person in the room feel important.  If I sub my class out, I can't achieve any of these important pillars for my students and myself. 

It is pretty safe to say after five plus years of teaching, those asking me for plans know my teaching schedule, and we make arrangements to go out after class. Maintaining a well-balanced social life in and out of the gym is an important part of finding balance in life 💓.

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