Monday, December 3, 2018

Zumba™ Fitness Instructor Mirna Arroyo Confesses....Top Ten Random Things That Happened in her Zumba™ Fitness Class 

One of the great things about Zumba™ Fitness is that every instructor and every class is different! When I say that every class is different, I mean no two instructors are alike, and none of my classes are the same. Each class differs whether it is the set list, the energy level, the participants, or the random things that happen during my Zumba™ Fitness classes. Read on for the Top 10...

1. Three guys (men) show up, among the many ladies
2. A member asks to plan a surprise engagement for his fiancee 70 people show up for class 
4. Zero people show up for class 
5. You change your whole playlist and it bombs! 
6. You teach back to back and run out of fuel
7. You see a member do a move that you end up including in your routine 
8. You do a move and everyone looks at you like WTH??!! 
9. You practice and practice and practice a routine (even while on vacation) and you forget everything - it's a total bust and you discard it. 
10. A member tells you that thanks to your class she no longer has back pain and sleeps like a baby!

What was your most random top thing that happened in YOUR Zumba™ Fitness class? 
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