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Motivation through the Holidaze with Zumba™ Fitness Instructor Teryck Coles

Zumba™ Fitness Instructor Teryck Coles
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Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. It’s the trifecta of holidays. Time seems to move much faster this time of year. We work. We teach. And we need to keep our students coming to class. It is time to think about ourselves; how do WE as instructors remain motivated throughout the holiday season? 

One thing we can do is remember that without our students, there would be no us. Take time after class to thank your students for being committed to their fitness goals and returning to class each week. This gives us an opportunity to let them know how much we appreciate them and how much their presence in class means each week. It even helps to transition yourself and move to the door. It allows the students who are a little more shy to have a moment to engage with you as well. During the holiday, we can end class a few minutes early (but not too and share an inspirational message with our students. Make it personal and relate it to something in your life. Our participants love when we share things from our personal lives; it promotes a sense of connection. (It’s important to be mindful that our students come from various backgrounds and belief systems, so we want to keep our messages broad and inclusive. If you have very specific political or social beliefs, be sure to check them at the door. Focus on the happiness of the holidays and not a particular way of thinking.

The second thing we can do as instructors to stay motivated is to R-E-S-T. We get SO caught up with subbing (yes, I said it), shopping and the hustle and bustle of the holidays that sometimes we forget to take time out to pause for ourselves. It’s important for our students (and our families) that we take time out to recharge. It’s impossible to give to others when we are worn out. Also remember to continue to eat healthy and hydrate properly. Take time out to pamper yourself. Put your phone on silent for an hour and leave it in a separate room. Taking a moment for yourself is important and is paramount in being PRESENT for our students, families, and friends. Do something special for your students

Another great thing to do to stay motivated is to have a special Zumba™ class. Invite other instructors. Present new choreography. You can even consider bringing treats to share. Little things go a long way, and they are BIG things to our students. They’ll keep coming back when they know their presence is appreciated, when we connect with them, when we have the energy to engage with them, and when we add the little things that make our classes special. 

Remembering these things is important throughout the year. Making sure to apply these things during the holidays is especially important to keep us focused on why we do what we do. 

Are you celebrating the holidays? Or, are you stuck in a holidaze...?

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