Monday, December 10, 2018

Living, Loving and Giving with Zumba™ Fitness Instructor Rochi Bracale.

#Giving: According to the most recent findings, Americans gave $410 billion dollars to various charities in 2017. As we get closer to the holidays people are typically more generous, and open their wallets and hearts to those in need. For Zumba™ Fitness Instructor Rochi Bacale, giving has always been a part of her DNA. We sat down and talked with Rochi about her fitness career and her passion about helping others.

"Through my life I’ve seen my grandma and dad always being helpful and supporting of others in need in our city and poor areas in Peru. That always motivated me to follow in the same path. In 2010 I did my first Zumba™ fundraiser dedicated to one of our member's kid that had blood cancer. We had over 200 people attend our event, and the support in the community was amazing. Since then I realized the importance of helping each other in good and bad times. I realized the importance of being able to stand behind causes that I believe in, and use my ability to influence the behavior of others to drive them to step up to help the community and those in need; and that is what keeps me going".

"I want to bring people together through ZUMBA™, to create a community based on one love and helping each other. This is my passion."

Eventbrite published an article on ten easy steps on hosting a fitness fundraiser. Here are a few helpful tips to get you thinking about how you can plan and host a Zumba™ Fitness fundraising event.
  1. Step 1: Define your cause. ...
  2. Step 2: Set a fundraising goal. ...
  3. Step 3: Create your charity event's budget. ...
  4. Step 4: Pinpoint a target audience. ...
  5. Step 5: Find a venue. ...
  6. Step 6: Establish a theme for your charity event. ...
  7. Step 7: Market your charity event aggressively. ...
  8. Step 8: Decide how you'll accept donations.
#Loving: There is nothing more important than loving what you do and sharing that love with others. Zumba™ Fitness is the perfect foundation for creating a place where love radiates through the community. I asked Rochi to tell us what she thought the most important piece of advice would be for any Zumba™ instructor from a newbie to a tenured instructor. The answer was surprisingly the same! "In every single minute in Zumba™ class feel the mindfulness of being in the PRESENT and always BE YOURSELF. The most important piece is connecting with students, admiring their faces and feeling their energy and connection. As a Zumba™ instructor, I feel I am there to cheer them up and create an atmosphere to add it all together under the same purpose: Loving, living, feeling and giving while being present and connected in the NOW as one loving and amazing strong community".

Fitness is a lifestyle, a journey and a destination. We talked to Rochi about her fitness journey, and how she got involved in the Zumba™ fitness community. "I was born and raised in Lima-Peru and started my journey in fitness mid-90s. I was competitive not only in several sports but also as Peruvian National Aerobic Champion in 1989 and 1991. Both times I qualified for the world competitions in San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV, which involved several months of training and commitment in Brazil and USA and working with sponsors. I had to commit to demanding training routines which were not only physical but mentally challenging to obtain the best training to be prepared for competitions. The highlight of this time during my fitness career was getting to travel to compete among very competitive teams of the world, giving me experience to specifically overcome stage fright as many times we were in front of hundreds of people. Getting to know all the different nationalities in the same place with the same purpose was great."

"During all this time in the 90s I became a Group fitness instructor and worked and studied at the same time. It was challenging, but by 1991 I knew my future and career would be in fitness. In 1996 I partnered with a former Peruvian Tennis professional and we opened our first fitness club in Lima, Peru. This venture was a total success we ended up opening two more studios. I was in charge of the group fitness management program in all of them".

"Since the 90s I’ve taught several formats like cycling, step, cardio/strength, cardiokickbox, etc. My dance passion started in 2001 when I was working in a gym in Virginia and I had to sub for a “dance class”. As an athlete and a hard core instructor the format was not familiar and not comfortable for me, but that feeling didn't last for too long. Zumba™ became my passion in 2010 and I’ve been dedicated and focused to Zumba™ fundraising events since then. Over the last few years I’ve had two injuries that have kept me from teaching for over a year. With determination, discipline and a positive mindset, learning how to be “patient”, the illusion of looking forward to be in class with my students helped me big time to overcome it". 


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