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Image result for squats and lunges memeI Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie..Squat and Lunge Chat with Group Fitness Instructor Lisa Schwarz

The Benefits of Squats and Lunges: Squats and lunges are two incredibly effective exercises that offer numerous benefits. The major benefits of squats and lunges are great at increasing overall strength, stabilization, and balance benefits as well.
  • Both are functional exercises that will improve your performance of natural, daily, movements
  • They will make you stronger
  • They burn fat: muscle burns fat and more muscle burns more fat
  • Help to maintain balance
  • Increase flexibility and improve range of motion through your hips, glutes, knees and ankles
  • Your buttocks will be strong and toned
  • Strengthens your core in addition to the muscles of the entire lower body
  • Both can be done in a variety of ways, great for all fitness levels
  • Adding a weighted bar or dumbbells will enhance the effectiveness of these movements
  • Versatile exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, no special equipment needed

Technique is KEY!

How to do the perfect squat!
  • Stand with your feet just outside your hips for a mid-stance squat (step heel-toe out for a wider squat)
  • Angle toes slightly out (1 and 11 on a clock)
  • Sit back and down (like you’re sitting in a chair, or using a porta-potty 😉)
  • Weight in your heels as you sit back
  • Keep your chest up and your eyes forward
  • Full range of motion is bottom just about to your knee line (about 90 degrees on knees)
  • As you rise, push through the heels to activate the glutes
  • Keep the knees soft at the top of the movement
  • Vary the counts (single time, 2 counts down/2 counts up) for variety and load on the muscles

How to lunge like a champion!

  • Stand with feet under hips
  • Take one leg and step back so the heel is lifted and cannot flatten onto the floor
  • Square the shoulders, hips and feet to the front
  • Bend the back knee, front knee will bend as well
  • Keep the body straight as you sink down, shoulders back, pinch shoulder blades together
  • Keep the back heel high, and the front knee behind the toes
  • Push through the front heel to rise
  • If you feel unsteady, as if you’re surfing, step the back leg out a bit
  • Vary the counts as well for a great leg workout!!!
Stay Fit, stay healthy, and stay with me!  Kia Kaha! Lisa 😊
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