Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Teaching a ZumbaFitness Class with Two Left Feet 

Now you may think you know what I am about to say because of the title of this article if you are thinking of the old adage, "She has two left feet". However, I am speaking the truth. I actually taught class with #twoleftfeet. Keep Reading....

A few months ago I was in my typical morning rush to pack my car with everything that I needed for the day ahead. Computer; check! Pocketbook; check! Lunch; check! And now, my mental roll-call for what I needed for the gym night ahead. 

Here was my list, and I am NOT even kidding:
  • Cycle shoes
  • Zumba shoes (dance shoes)
  • Shoes to teach ZumbaToning class (cross over shoes) 
  • Two full gym outfits (leggings, shirt, bra, socks and undies) for three classes because two of the classes were back-to-back and didn't have to time to change 
  • Auxiliary wires for the stereo (I always have 2 in case one decides to stop working) 
  • A bag full of batteries for my mic (AA and AAA)
  • Mouth covers (2 sizes) for the mics
  • iPhone/iTouch and back up iPad as music sources 
  • My own speakers! (When I know the speakers at the gym are broken, I carry my own)
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks
  • Sweatshirt for after class
So each "class day" I go through the same routine of gathering my clothes, shoes, and bag-o-goodies for the car. In many cases, I leave things in the car to ensure they are always there. I try to do this for my shoes, but after my last class, I drive home and walk in the house with my shoes on. On this particular day, I grabbed my Zumba shoes which happen to be black Ryka dance shoes. I also happen to have THREE pairs of the same shoes because I rotate them in and out of use to ensure that my feet stay comfy. I was SO proud of myself for getting everything into the car AND getting to work on time that morning. Come to find out at the 11th hour, I grabbed TWO LEFT SHOES. 

I taught an HOUR ZumbaFitness class with TWO LEFT SHOES ON. No Joke! And it is a lot harder that it would seem. At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I thought to myself there was no way I couldn't tell the difference between right and left shoes. I actually sat and looked at the shoes for a while.

After I determined that I did truly have TWO LEFT FEET, I had three choices to make:
1. Cancel the class (Which I would NEVER DO)
2. Teach barefoot (Would be hard considering I have an injured LEFT foot and leg)
3. Teach with TWO LEFT FEET.

I chose what was behind Door #3. The #twoleftfeet dance option which was very challenging. For starters; I could not stop laughing. I was also WAY off balance literally tripping. In the end, it made for a good laugh and a good story. In fact when my hair band broke the other night, someone shouted out "At least you have both shoes tonight!"

Author: Dana Kunzelman
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