Monday, November 5, 2018

Setting Small Achievable Fitness Goals 
#newmonday #newweek #newgoals are typical hashtags you can find on social media reminding us all that each week and each day is a new opportunity to start fresh, turn over a new leaf and begin again. I bet we all wish it was that easy! In fact, setting a hard fast rule like "I am starting on Monday no matter what" can actually undermine your attempt to get back on track and be successful with your workout plan. According to researchers(1), it is a better idea to set a goal that you can't easily talk yourself out of. Making small, incremental changes to your routine can add up to big results. 

A good example could be to set yourself up with small and attainable goals even if it is not on Monday and the results will be tenfold. You will feel good physically. You will feel accomplished. You will most likely be able to spare more time over the next coming weeks to make room for exercise.  If your morning alarm clock looks like mine for that 5:45am class you have always wanted to attend, maybe it's time to set a plan that works better for your schedule. Years of experience, serial-alarm-setting and missed classes have proven to me that even a construction crane or marching band just won't get me out of bed and to the gym in the morning. I am officially a night owl which makes middle of the day or evening times a much better option for me and my exercise routine.

Now, with that said, as instructors, we are in a different boat, our motivation for getting to fitness classes is that a) We instruct the class, and b) We have to be there, but above all, c) Teaching classes gives us life and keeps us physically fit and emotionally sane. However, the same philosophy can still apply for any workout regimen.

Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind as the days get shorter and winter approaches for many of us. 
1. Set small achievable goals.
2. Celebrate yourself, your successes and your milestones no matter how big or small you think they may be.
3. Find a workout buddy or someone or something that can hold you accountable.
4. Don't over commit. Build your exercise plan in weekly increments.
5. Pay yourself. YEP, you heard me! Donate money in an "exercise fund"....a jar on the counter so you can visually see your successes while saving for something awesome.
6. Schedule working out into your calendar. Make an appointment so you get a reminder on your phone or at work.
7. Be prepared! Pack your gym bag the night before and make sure it has everything you need for the gym or classes.
8.  Socialize your plans. Let your family and friends know that you are going to workout. I don't mean plaster your schedule all over every social media channel, but DO make your plans visible to others to elicit conversation.
9. Find your tribe. This is most obvious for people that attend group fitness classes. You will notice that the same people attend the same classes week after week. There is a reason for that! Your workout tribe will become your friends, your family, and your biggest gym advocates. This will perhaps be the hardest to find, but the most rewarding once it is found. 
10. Find what works for you. These days fitness classes run the gamut. There are SO MANY CLASSES for every interest and every person. Find what makes you happy. Find what fills your tank. Find that happiness, and somewhere along the line your fitness goals will naturally become your lifestyle.
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