Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Let's Give L💗VE Within the ZIN™ Community

The ZIN (Zumba™ Instructor Network) community is a huge international community of Zumba™ Fitness Instructors. As instructors, we come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and ethnicities. We all go to the same Zumba™ Fitness Basic 1 fundamental training to learn the foundation of the business. However, the way we deliver our individual classes are so different, and that is a beautiful thing to experience. We are ALL different and that IS OK! We are sprinkled with authenticity, various levels of fitness, differentiating personal styles and a whole lot of flair. There are no two classes that are exactly alike; I dare you to try and find one!  

According to Zumba.com, there are Zumba™ Fitness classes offered in 180 different countries, across 200,000 locations that provide 15 MILLION people with Zumba™ Fitness classes. And  by classes, I mean 60 minutes of pure sweaty, awesome fun, fitness and dancing set to Latin based music surrounded by like-minded fitness people who also happen to be your friends and Zumba™ family

In addition to all of this awesomeness among our various styles and classes, there is an entire community of Zumba™ Fitness instructors most likely right in your own backyard or down the street sharing that same  Zumba™ LOVE that you feel in your heart. It is something that we ALL talk about {
Zumba™ LOVE}. As instructors we lovingly give of ourselves and our entire being every time we step out on the dance floor for everyone in the room. 

It is also important to "give love in your own community". Let's take time this Thanksgiving season to think about how we can support each other. No gesture is too small, but even the smallest gesture can have a huge impact for someone that needs it the most. Let's carry the spark, spread the 💗 and truly embrace what it means to represent a brand based on acceptance, giving and love. Let's
Promote diversity, various styles and celebrate our differencesEven if you haven't done it before, try at least one of the things outlined below this week, and see what happens. Hopefully it will be amaZINing.

1. If you work at the same gym, recommend other instructor's classes to your Zumba™ peeps. There are enough people and classes to go around for everyone.
2. Send an instructor a personal note on Facebook or Instagram to say hello. Start to build unexpected connections.

3. When your schedule permits, drop into a fellow ZIN's class as a participant. Support them and their style.
4. Ask another ZIN you don't normally connect with to come to one of your classes to co-teach or lead a song or two. 
5. Attend at least (1) event that is not your own every few months.
6. Help promote and share events of fellow instructors on your social platform. 
7. Like and follow other instructor's social presence.
8. Smile, say hello, and take 2 minutes to make a personal connection when you see a fellow ZIN in passing or at classes, or events. 
9.Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate! Wherever, and whenever you can. Wonderful things happen when passionate people come together. 
10.Always, always, always, always say something nice, or DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. Something really amaZINing will happen when you decide to be authentically and apologetically YOU while remaining positive and embracing inclusion and acceptance of others.

Let's spread the Z💗
~The Z Beat Team

Author: Dana Kunzelman
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