Sunday, March 26, 2017

3.1 Miles, and Setting Goals for YOU

Yep, it was just a 5K... but it was also my first road race AND my first full, uninterrupted  3.1 miles in close to two years. Oh, it was also my first time running outside and not on the treadmill with a baby staring/crying/in-need-of-rescuing/etc. I was worried about being able to finish because I had only run a handful of times in the last month. We were dealing with baby ear infections and colds (yes, plural) and sleep was hard to come by. And yes, I know that I could subscribe to a no excuses mantra, but... I don't. I think excuses in extreme moderation are realistic. Sometimes, you just have to prioritize things like, ya know, working so you can pay your bills.

Anyway, I did it! And to think, this time two years ago, I had just set a half marathon personal record. Not only that, but I was complaining about how I wasn't faster. It really has me thinking about setting goals that are right for you and meeting yourself where you're at. In March 2015, running 13.1 miles in less than 2 1/2 hours was my goal, and I did it and kind of moved on to the next thing. In March 2017, running 3.1 uninterrupted miles was a big goal and I feel great that I hit it. I'm taking time to celebrate it, and to appreciate each milestone I pass on the winding path to being my best self.

Gosh, that sounds cheesy. But it's truly how I'm feeling this week. Someone remind me of this the next time I beat myself up over something, mmk? Thanks.


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