Saturday, March 19, 2016

10 Reasons Why We Screw Up in Class

We all have moments that belong on the Zumba instructor blooper reel. But why? I've narrowed it down to one of these 10 reasons. AmIright?

1. Suddenly remembering an item for your To Do list: Groceries! Carpool pick-up! Finishing your taxes! It's SO hard to put those things out of your head, no matter how hard you try. If I miss a step, I've likely just remembered I forgot to put my laundry in the dryer.

2. So-and-so is talking... again: Look, I'm not a tyrant or anything but when people consistently talk while you're trying to remember what comes next it can be totally distracting. It's only natural to wonder if you're being complained about (it probably has nothing to do with you, but you can't help but think about it...).

3. Wardrobe malfunction: Was that my bra strap snapping undone? Could my undies be any bunchier? Whatever it is, you know what I mean - anything having to do with your clothes when you're in front of a room full of students is an instant distraction.

4. Someone just walked out the door: Everything from, "Is he OK?" to "What the heck, why don't you like my class?" runs through your head.

5. Someone just walked in the door: Hello, Leslie Late-pants. Thanks for drawing everyone's attention away from my new cumbia!

6. Thinking about food: Mmmm, burritos.

7. Thinking about booze: MMMM, margaritas!

8. Suddenly remembering an item for your To Do list, again: You start repeating "laundry, laundry, laundry" to yourself until you have no idea what you're supposed to do next.

9. Feeling exhausted: Sometimes your choreo is so killer you kick your own butt. All that energy spent wondering if you can make it through another song really takes away from actually remembering your moves.

10. Feeling blissful: Every once in a while, it hits you - I love being an instructor! "Look at all of these smiling faces. This is great! Everybody loves m--shoot, what comes next?"


  1. Have had everyone of these!!

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  3. Today is was I couldn't hear the music correctly due to my ears being blocked. Stupid congestion...

  4. I completely forgot one Choreo and listen to other song from Ricky Martin... La Mordidita VS Adios... Doing tango instead of La Mordidita... And think about those twins that He has and their Mom!? And Ricky so Cute... Wow

  5. if i have to introduce 2 or 3 tracks for the week , i mixed up the steps ... but i always making fun out of my mistakes ,,mu classes love that making thinking im just getting old and having memory lapses,,,GB

  6. I started class after being away for a week and the song came on. I had to stop the class. Nope, I got nothing. I can not remember a thing. We will just skip that one. They so enjoyed laughing at me for that one.

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