Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Ways to LEAP to Health and Fitness

It's Leap Day! Sometimes I wonder how the idea for what to do with those 6 extra hours per year came about... must have been a very creative astronomer! (Edited: I got too curious and looked it up: Julius Caesar's astronomer, Sosigenes, gets credit for the idea.)

Here are five ways to use this special day to make progress toward your health and fitness goals.

#1 Try a new group exercise class! Leap Day doesn't come around very often, make it a great day by trying something new. Need ideas? Here are reviews of piloxing, doonya, clubbercise, and bokwa!

#2 Take a class with a new instructor! Not quite ready for a new format? Change things up with a different teacher to get different choreography and moves.

#3 Go the extra mile! Push yourself to do 10 extra squats or stay on the treadmill for a few more minutes.

#4 Treat yourself! Use the extra day to get a pedicure, take a bath, or have some quiet time.

#5 Get some ZZZs! What better way to use extra time than to catch up on much needed sleep?

Happy Leap Day!


  1. I actually decided early this morning instead of seizing this extra day to do more – – I'm going to do less. Less work. Less brainstorming. Less focus. More relaxing more daydreaming more… Unfocused :-) it's the gift of 24 hours

  2. I definitely used today to treat myself! I went out for coffee and dessert with my friend and have no regrets about the calories I consumed. It was lovely!

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