Monday, October 12, 2015

Did You Know? Multi-Talented Zumba Artists

Today I'm sharing an article I wrote for ZLife magazine about the artists behind the songs on our ZIN CDs (or, now behind our MP3s - loving the digital now format!).

Photo credit: Zumba Fitness,
I'm sure there are people who are more Zumba-saavy than I am, but before I researched this article I had no idea how many Zumba Education Specialists and international presenters are also musicians. Some of my favorite songs are by some of my favorite dancers - who knew? I'm particularly  enamored with Armando and Heidy and Francesca Maria.

Maybe I'm easily impressed, but to be a phenomenal dancer (and instructor), singer, and performer is an awesome talent. You can always tell a singer who can't dance (performing live, they painfully sway side to side with some of the world's best dancers shimmying around them to create a diversion) and
it's way more fun to watch an artist who can dance on stage, too.

Check out the full article here! You'll learn some fun facts and get the scoop on who to pay attention to for new tunes to bring to your class.

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