Friday, September 18, 2015

Organzational Tips for ZINs

This post is by Dana, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!

Being a Zumba instructor is a full-time job whether it is your actual full-time job or not. Let me explain… There is so much that goes into being a Zumba Instructor. Day-to-day we constantly think about music, choreography, upcoming classes, events, marketing, training, fitness and the list goes on and on. I would say that many of us spend a very large portion of each day dedicated to Zumba in some capacity. I sometimes wonder how I have time to do anything else! I thought it be helpful to share a few quick things that I do to help manage my time better.


·         Schedule: I schedule my classes in my online calendar. I obviously know when I teach because my schedule is engrained in my head and often my classes are the best part of my day!! But, documenting my classes in my online calendar is both helpful for me and my family. This way I won’t get double booked, and I can visually see the time blocked off each day for classes (travel time plus the actual class).

·         Music: I have an excel spreadsheet that I use as an inventory management tool so I can keep track of the songs I have choreography for in case I am ever stuck on what to add to my playlist. I look back at this worksheet a lot because it is easy to forget songs as you add new ones to your repertoire.  I also have a binder with all of my ZIN CDs to help keep them in one place.

·         Training: I keep a folder online in my browser and “favorite” all of pages I frequent including pages on upcoming events and trainings.

·         Events: When I see an event I want to attend, I add it to my calendar and RSVP when I see the event posted on Facebook. Facebook will remind me of the upcoming event.

·         Marketing: I schedule time each week to focus on marketing. During the week as I think of things I add them to my to-do list, and when I sit down to work on marketing, I know exactly what I want to accomplish and can cross items off my to-do list!

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