Friday, August 21, 2015

Great Apps for Fitness Instructors

I recently came across some helpful tools that I thought were worth sharing. Enjoy!

Lolo: Can't be with your students all the time? Direct them to lolo, a set of apps that takes music from your iPod or iPhone collection and matches the songs to your pace. Moreover, it has voice cues to help keep you motivated. This app allows you to search for music by beats per minute (BPM) and share a playlist - perfect for when students want to know the names of the awesome song you play during class!

Gain Fitness: Gain offers over 2,000 videos on self-guided workouts in 10 different formats (pilates, boot camp, etc.) on its free app.

amSTATZ: This software is an all-in-one system for fitness instructors. It offers tools for scheduling, record keeping, website management, and more. It costs $29/month, or $22/month if you pay annually.

Tempo Magic Pro: This app allows you to speed up or slow down music - perfect for when you want a song that's a little too fast or slow to fit your playlist!

Square: Need to take payments on the go? Get square, with its attachment to your phone or iPad so you can swipe credit cards on the spot.

Lastly, you should check out appcrawler - it's an app search tool and, when filtered by "fitness", links you to tons of resources!

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