Monday, July 13, 2015

(Un)Motivation Monday

I love sharing stories that motivate and inspire ya'll to keep pushing toward your health and fitness goals. Remember Krishna, Cody, and Paula? Their stories were truly incredible - overcoming the odds to not only get themselves to a great place, but to support others on their own quests to get healthy. I've also shared some thoughts on persistence and will power.

Today is Monday. Mondays are supposed to be for motivation. Can't let the tradition (or the alliteration) go to waste!

But, do you ever just have a day where you're not motivated? It's not because anything bad happened, or because someone said the wrong thing. Maybe you're swamped with deadlines at work, or you have to have a difficult conversation at home, or you owe three friends a call (or all three - hello, reality!).

There are going to be some days where your health and fitness goals take a back seat. Today's Monday Motivation is this: it's OK to be unmotivated once in a while! We all need a break and we all have other things to think about sometimes. If you believe all the "fitspo" you read online, you're made to think that everyday you should bound out of bed, be thrilled that you get to exercise for 75 minutes, eat your well-planned meals of lean protein and veggies, put in a full day of work, spend time with your partner, and get a full night's rest. What a load of crap!

Personally, I think the way to stay motivated is to not let your busy/bad/moody/imperfect days get the best of you. We can all have an off day. It's when you let one off day turn into two off days, then an off week, then an off month that you get into trouble. We can't slip into the "I'll start on Monday" routine, because Monday. Never. Comes.

So, allow yourself some unmotivation every once in a while. Do what you gotta do. Then move on, because you deserve to feel good and treat yourself well at least 99% of the time!

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