Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Question of the Week: How do you prepare to teach?

As I was listening to my playlist, rehearsing my new routines (to make sure I have them down) and practicing my two older songs (to make sure I still remembered them), I got to thinking. Everyone has their own pre-class rituals, and we could probably benefit from hearing from each other. Here's a round up of ideas from fellow ZINs.

"I prepare by reviewing my playlist, seeing if I want to add a new song, take out an over-played one or bring back a class favorite. Also, because I teach multiple classes, I get my clothes ready on Sunday so that I have all my outfits for the week out."
-Brenda R.

"I have 3 different classes that I teach. I prepare for each class by listening to my playlist over and over again the day before and the morning of each class, taking out songs that have been in for more than 5 weeks or so and adding one or two to make sure it's as close to a full hour as I can get. I also make sure that each playlist follows the formula, has the proper warm ups (step touch, cardio, toning), pre cool down and cool down stretch song, and has all of the basic rhythms in addition to lots of awesome international rhythms. Going over my choreography, I try to make it so every part of the body gets a workout so I want each song to have different kinds of moves to make it fun and interesting for all of the participants. I LOVE what I do and I am so blessed to have 3 classes at the age of 57!!!"
-Judy E.

"I try to prepare my playlists for the week on Sundays. If there is a new song I want to do, I make sure I practice it. I listen to my playlist at work on Monday at my desk to make sure the order of songs is good. Sometimes I have to make changes as I may have put 2 cumbias together or songs with almost identical steps together, or maybe I feel the playlist is too easy/hard for that particular class."
-Patria M.

"I have a nice little chat with God. :)"
-Darla B.

"I usually give myself a rest day on Sundays so I can get my body ready for the week. I think about my classes... who's said they're coming... who said they have to miss this week, and then I go through my songs and pick some favorites plus make sure I have the main rhythms covered... salsa... cumbia... merengue... reggaeton... a good mixture. I don't like all of my songs to sound the same. I have several students that come to all of my classes so I make each playlist for each class different. I want each class to be different and special so I change things up for them a little. Then I listen to my playlists a bazillion times. I always listen to the playlist for the class I'm heading to right before class so I can go through the moves in my head. I like to say a quick prayer as I'm driving to class just to ask for safety for my students and to let them have a enjoyable time and get a good workout in. I try to eat a little meal about 2 hours before class so the food is settled. I can't teach on a empty stomach because it drains all of my energy. Then I always have a snack like almonds or a banana after class as I'm driving home."
-Amy T.

"With 3 classes Mon & Wed each week, hydration is huge. Lots of veggies & clean eating. I arrange my playlist with a varied mix of all types of rhythms, listening to the flow of it repeatedly."
-Kelly C.

What do you do to prepare for class?

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