Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#ZumbaMania - did it happen to you?

This post is by Dana, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!

I actually met someone last weekend that DIDN’T KNOW WHAT ZUMBA WAS. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears. I thought to myself, he must be part of the .0000001% of the population that has never heard of Zumba. After my initial shock and dismay, my face lit up and my eyes started glimmering as I began to tell him what Zumba was. This peculiar person looked at me and said, “Oh so it’s a dance class?” to which I responded, “Oh my gosh no! Well I mean, yes you DO dance, but it is a fitness class”. The more I talked the more confused he looked so I proceeded to tell him that he should try a class; and he laughed.

It is hard to describe Zumba to someone who doesn’t know what it is. It is also just as hard to explain Zumba to people who “know you teach Zumba”, but have NO idea exactly what it means to you in terms of the camaraderie within the Zumba community, the relationships you develop with your Zumba-ers, the passion and devotion that goes into each song and set list and the subsequent endorphins after a class that make you feel unstoppable.

Well, I just explained exactly what Zumba means to me. I have asked a lot of fellow instructors if they could describe how Zumba has impacted their life. There were several overall common denominators whereas Zumba facilitated a lifestyle change, helped with overall happiness and was the source of long term friends.  I concluded that we all share the same love, passion and commitment but perhaps on different levels.
I suspect that some Zumba instructors go to training, enjoy teaching, create set lists, practice, teach great classes, go home and move on with their day.
And then there are those who… take it a few steps further. They go to training. Enjoy teaching. Create set lists. Practice. Teach. And then somewhere along the line, #ZumbaMania sets in and these instructors:

§  Wake up in the morning and can’t WAIT to get to class.

§  Listen to Zumba CDs, the radio and scour iTunes for new music.

§  Have a note pad and a pencil at all times to make choreography notes for new routines.

§  Express themselves by dancing – in class, out on the town, in the grocery store – everywhere!

§  Practice at work, in the bathroom, in the car and frankly anywhere.

§  Lay in bed and think about class from earlier in the day and eagerly prepare for the next class.

§  Start EVERY conversation with something related to Zumba.
What are your #ZumbaMania moments?

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