Friday, June 26, 2015

Current Choreo Obsessions

I'm really enjoying some of my current or soon-to-be added choreo that has been partially or fully borrowed from others. Sharing some of my favorite finds today, and I hope you like them too!

A few weeks ago I asked for your recommendations for a slightly slower song, and Cayla recommended Hey Alicia. I'm not sure how I missed this song on megamix 41, because I went and dug it out and LOVED it. I'm doing mostly this routine by Bartek (which I've seen all over YouTube, not sure if it came from Zumba or some very talented choreographer out there), but I've change a portion at the end...

Instead of doing the salsa with more side-to-side steps toward the end, I do salsa front, salsa back and then a side squat to the right and one to the left - then we take it around the world. Just wanted to add a fitness element!

Just this morning, when I was looking for another video to pull up, I found this SUPER fun choreo to Boracho Se Cae was posted by Iho. It looks easy to learn and I can't wait to incorporate it.


Last but not least, I've loved the song Moombathon ever since it came out from the ZIN music collection, but just haven't had time to learn it and choreograph to it. Well, I found this video and absolutely love this choreo. The instructor, Dovydas, does a great job of building progressions into his cuing, so it's worth watching for that alone!

Lastly, a quick shout out to Traketeo, Atrevete, and My Check from ZIN 56. I almost never take choreo straight from the source, but I fell in love with these three routines. I wonder if it's because I got a sneak preview of 56 at the Home Office Connection event that I went to a few months ago... it was like my subconscious remembered how fun the dances were even though I didn't remember the moves.

Hope you see something you like here! (Totally random that these videos are all done by men, btw.) And, if you haven't seen my latest article for ZLife, you should check it out for a laugh:
10 Thoughts Everyone Has During Zumba.


  1. Glad you liked "Hey Alicia!" - I get requests for that one almost every class!