Friday, April 17, 2015

This Week's Thought Provoking Fitness Finds

I've read so many interesting things this week related to health, fitness, and well-being. Things that made me say "Yes!" as well as things that left me wondering if I agreed or not. Things that were too good not to share! Enjoy.
Bagels to Broccoli's Jen's post about her mixed feelings on the #StrongNotSkinny trend.
Pamela Hernandez's post about how working out doesn't get us out of needing to stay active throughout the day, or else we risk having a less-than-optimal metabolism. (Reminded me of these inforgraphics on the hazards of sitting!)
My Switch to Strength by Jen Comas, the perfect follow up to last week's post about chronic cardio.
Nike's latest commercial - inner thoughts we can all relate to!
A stream of consciousness-style post from Jessica about treating food choices the way she treats exercise - by being fierce!
Your responses to Keeping it About the Students - thanks for your blog comments and Facebook reactions!

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